LSOF: Sudden Desperation

Sudden Desperation
A pre-novel poem
By: Angie Sarich

I feel my feet slowly sink
Into the sand
As the waves constantly come
To shore.
I could just let it take me
Right here, right now…
But something from within me,
Cries out…
“ Don’t give up.”
The tears fall from my face,
I am in agony, what’s the point of moving on?
Suddenly I feel myself thrown down to my knees.
I have lost everything…
My head is sunken to almost the ground level.
The waves continue
To lash at my skin, and I continue to sink…
“ Is there anyone out there?”
I look into the sky for the moment,
It is filled with storm clouds.
I think to myself,
“ No one could understand this suffering.”
A ray of light falls upon my shoulders,
And I hear a voice,
“ You’ve lost it all, now are you ready?”
No quick fixes could get me out of the mess I was in,
So I answer back,
“ I’m desperate for anything, please help me.”
I watch as every storm in the sky disappears,
And the sun stretched across the horizon,
“ One day you’ll know, I am all you need.”
The waves calm, and I am able to stand and gain my footing;
And start a new foundation of my life…..

I have this book in the long time making, but I feel as though God wanted me to see first hand what it really meant to be at rock bottom, to be at the point where I had nothing left, and figure out which way I would turn; who I would turn to.

My dear friend, I have just come out of a horrid depression, a wilderness that danced and trampled on my heart for a half a year. But the important thing to see…I came out of it.

And this is where out journey will begin….

Stick with me.

Be Blessed


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