LSOF: The fight ” For His Plans…”

Hi there!

Hope everyone is having a good day:)

I was trying to figure a better title than ” The Fight”, but I guess it will explain itself.

I am not going to be able to go to the Siesta Fiesta. But God did lay it on my heart to not ask for money for it, but to give it away. It was very hard, and so I decided to tell the ladies at ” The Siesta Fiesta Blog” and they told me they would put it in a giveaway.After the giveaway, I had found out they had forgotten I had wanted to giveaway mine.
And I was so blessed to find out that someone had contacted her wanting to know if they ever had another ticket left.
I was almost in tears reading the ladies email; and it is crazy, because the exact reason God told me to give it away, is that exact reason she needed it.

He told me that there might be someone out there that would be able to pay for the airfare/hotel, but not enough for the event.

And those were almost her exact words! Praise the Lord!

This leads to the message…

After the sifting, doesn’t mean it stops altogether…we still get sifted.

Here are some common words of a Christian:

Sometimes things are just not in God’s timing…

Sometimes we fight with God’s plans…we try all we can to try to make ” it” happen for us. And its crazy, because His plans are concrete, afterall He did write
” The Ten Commandments” in stone.

It isn’t until we let God ” in” on what we believe the plans are, instead of discussing them behind his back; that He shows us the reasoning.

He brought this picture to my mind.

I’m in the middle of a battlefield. It is loud, and blazing fire from all direction.
Instead of running for my life, God tells me to kneel where I am standing.

Doing as He asks no matter the circumstance, will keep us from being a target.

Kneeling down to pray, protects us from fire.
Running away, leads us into the fire.

Several things have happened over the last couple weeks, which brought me to my knees in the midst of it, quite a few times.

The battle was never ours, we just got the freedom to watch it happen.

But in everything, I feel like it just needs to be stressed and screamed right into blogworld…We need to pray to God in ALL things, His plans are already there, He knows what will happen, but we need to be more discerning, and just appreciative of everything that happens.

For example, I am a poor math student. I have been asked if I paid rent to be in my teacher’s office as much as I was always there.
I barely passed last semester with a 70%.
I was asked to come sit in over the summer to refresh. I did.

My teacher told me that next semester that the students will not be able to sit in the office and work, and ask questions for more than 15-20 min. The rest of the time we are to be in the Academic Center, for tutoring.

Ladies, I fought this. I wanted to get a ” yes” to sit in the office and learn anyway that I could.
I spoke to the head of the math department, His answer was NO, I went to the Dean, and even he didn’t seem to think fighting for office hours was a big deal.

Calm thy soul…

Jesus helped me realize that not having things go the way I want them to, is OK.
He isn’t going to leave me to fail on my face.
I have come to accept their decision.

But that is just one example.

I am sure you can relate to what I am talking about, things going the way we want…is a big NO NO…we need to check with HIM first. He’s gonna give us an answer either way.

I’m saddened I can’t go to the Siesta Fiesta, but I do know that God in His glory will be more fabulous then any measure of music of Travis Cottrell.

So if I never get to go to one…It’s alright:)

I am sure Travis will be a singing Angel in heaven too!!!:)

Psalm 144
Of David.
1 Praise be to the LORD my Rock,
who trains my hands for war,
my fingers for battle.

2 thoughts on “LSOF: The fight ” For His Plans…”

  1. I’m sad with you–no way I could afford to go–but it’s beautiful how God worked to provide the ticket for someone else.


  2. wow that is a great story. You know it is a hard concept to grasp that God’s plans are not ours. This describes it well.Much love,Ang


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