Just some thoughts…

I have had my devotional blog now for almost 2 yrs, and these are some questions I was asked to think about before writing my book. Perhaps you might be able to help.


If you have followed the blog a long time, you have seen my writing, poetry also, and I think I just need some help from outside of it.

What do you think most likely would be my strengths? What sort of posts really touched you, and you think would help others?

If you could help me with this:) That would be awesome:)

I think it is a lot of the reason why i never stepped forward more in writing the book:)

Which Tam and Deb have been sitting on me to do(not literally) forever:)

Love y’all:)


4 thoughts on “Just some thoughts…

  1. hmmm…I’m with Tam- I will get back to you as soon as I can get my thoughts together- the 3 yr old demanding attention is clouding my thoguhts at the moment 🙂 Love ya!


  2. Sweet Angie. Wow! I love you are wanting to move forward. I need to have some time to really pray about this and then I will get back to you girl. Thanks for asking me-I consider that a big privledge. I will let you know in a bit.Much love,Angela


  3. I was thinking the same as the others before I read what they said…LOL…like thinking on it. My main advice is to stay in prayer and with the Lords leading asking Him to guide your hands in writing. Be honest and open as you are and let things flow. =) Sorry I have not been around to check the computer.


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