Drama: A Story of Faith

Hello everyone:)
This is the drama I have mentioned I have been in the middle of writing for a couple years now…I am sorry it isn’t double spaced, its the way it copied to post.
Let me know what you think:)


A story of Faith
By: Angie Sarich
Inspired by Beth Moore’s character Angela, ” Believing God”

Scene 1
The scene will open with Faith sitting on a bench taking the last bit of her painkillers. and she lowers her head crying. A homeless girl comes over and sits next to her.)
Grace: Are you okay, can I help you?
Faith: Leave me be, its hopeless. (turns the other way)
Grace: Nothing is hopeless.
Faith: Why are you bothering me?
Grace: Well, I didn’t want to be rude, but you are sitting on where I sleep.
( Faith suddenly forgets herself)
Faith: You, You sleep here?
Grace: Yea, sure.
Faith: I am sorry, ( she gets up) and starts to walk away)Can I get you something, food, or shelter, or something?
Grace: Thanks anyways, but I’m good.
Faith: What, no you are not, all I see is a torn bible on your lap, no food, and no water.
Grace: Trust me. I am fine. Its you I am worried about.
Faith: How can you be worried about me, you are the one with no food, shelter…I mean what if it rains?
Grace; I would take a walk to that overpass. He always provides.
Faith: He, who, God. Please, You’re crazy, He can’t take care of you.
Grace: Why would you say something like that, God is caring, He loves you and I so much, if you listen in the wind, you can hear His voice, He is always protecting, and providing for His children.
Faith: You know, you are just falling into that lie too.
Grace: What lie, its true, don’t you believe?
Faith: No, its pointless.
End of Scene

( Scene flashes back to a scene with Faith’s grandmother sitting down gardening, and Faith comes running out.)
Faith: ” Grandma, Grandma!”…
Grandma: ” MY goodness, what is it my child?”
Faith: ” I…I just talked to God….He…He….just told me that I was special?”
Grandma: ” Oh come here sweetheart,(Gives her a hug.),Why don’t you help me put some of these seeds in the ground. ”
Faith: ” But grandma…Didn’t you hear me?”
( Her Grandmother stopped gardening and brings Faith to her knees next to her.)
Grandma: ” Yes, Baby, I heard you, but see God doesn’t have time to talk to us, He is so very busy.”
Faith: ” You mean, I didn’t hear Him?”
Grandma: “No, you didn’t, I’m sorry. Now let’s get some of these gardenia seeds over by the porch there, don’t you think they would look just perfect there..”
( Grandma gets up and walks off stage, and Faith looks up and just lowers her head and walks away.”)
( End Scene)

Scene 3-
Grace: ” What were you thinking?”
Faith: ” Nothing, I guess since we are talking I should introduce myself, I’m Faith.”
Grace: ” I’m Grace. Are you sure you weren’t thinking about something?”
Faith: ” No, not really, jusy some things I have to do later.”
Grace: ” Oh okay.So are you going to tell me why you were crying. You know its easier to talk to strangers. ”
Faith: ” You are a pushy little thing.”
Grace: ” Only when I believe its necessary. Go ahead talk, I’ll listen.”
Faith: ” Well, I am just kinda down, got somethings going on, and well, honestly, I feel like I want to lose my mind sometimes.”
Grace: ” Nothing is impossible for God to help you through.”
Faith:” You know, I don’t know where you get this stuff, God is just like any higher power of any religion in the world.”
Grace: ” Why do you doubt God so much?”
Faith: ” Because He isn’t worth believing in, He can’t help me, all’s He is is a entity that churches and fanatical Jesus freaks worship, for no reason.”
Grace: I don’t think you know how wrong you are.
(end scene)

Scene 4- Flash back
( Faith after church)
Faith: ” Momma, Will God ever flood the earth again like He did with Noah, and what about that fish that swallowed Jonah,
can that happen to anyone, and oh yea, did you ever know anyone that ever walked on water…..”
Mom: ” Faith Please, leave it at those doors please, I have a lot to do today.”
Faith: ” I was just asking, I mean what if God ended the Earth tomorrow?”
Mom: ” Honey, those are all just stories to make people live right. ”
Faith: ” You mean none of its real, God didn’t do those things?”
Mom: ” Stories Faith.”
Faith: ” So is God real or just a story?”
Mom: ” I’d like to think so, but being realistic, probably not.”
( end scene)
Scene 5-
Grace: ” There you go thinking again.”
Faith: ” Daydreamer, yea that’s me.”
Grace: ” You know faith isn’t poisonous lol.”
Faith: ” I just don’t think its worth it to believe, If there is a God, He hasn’t convinced me to believe in Him, and it doesn’t mean you can
Grace: ” You know I never have a chance to talk to anyone, God blessed me with you being here today.”
Faith: ” Blessed, by me being here, let me tell you how wrong you are, I am a mess, I am not worth talking to, I am screw up, I can’t do anything
right, and I am flunking out of college.”
Grace: ” So we have something in common.”
Faith: ” What?”
Grace: ” We aren’t perfect, but good enough for God to use us.”
Faith: ” God can’t use me.”
Grace: ” He is. You’ll realize it eventually.” ” Question though, when did you stop believing in God?”
End scene –
Scene 6-flashback
Mrs. Smith: ” Now class is there something we can pray for today?”
Okay, yes, Ginny, we will pray for your new baby brother, anyonelse have a prayer request.”
Faith: ” Mrs Smith, my grandpa is in the hospital, my mom says he might be dying, can we pray for him?”
Mrs. Smith: Oh sweetie, I can tell you we will pray for him, but don’t be disappointed if God doesn’t heal him,
He has a lot of things to do, and miracles just don’t happen like they used to.”
Faith: But I thought God wanted to take care of His children, I thought He can save us.”
Mrs. Smith: Faith, that’s enough, we have to pray now,”
(end of scene)

scene 7-

Faith: ” Omg, I guess I’ll just get this overwith. If God was really as caring and loving and providing as you say He is,
my grandfather would still be here, and my family would still be together.”
Grace: You really blame God for that, I see it in your eyes, He has caused you hurt.”
Faith: ” Yea, you could say that.”
Grace: ” He is about miracles, not pain.”
Faith: ” I learned long ago to stop believing in miracles. I don’t want to talk about it anymore.”
Grace: ” Can I read you something?”
Faith: ” Yea, fine, I don’t care.”
Grace: ” For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you, and not to harm you
plans to give you hope and future,” Jere. 29:11
Whatever happened in your life, it was for a reason, that God has better things planned.
Faith: I’m sorry, but I just can’t believe that He is about what is good. I mean He has destroyed so many people. I mean
all that stuff about judgement, why should I bellieve in a God that is about pain.”
Grace: We create our own pain, it is He who wants to take it from us.” We live in the world, a world that is full of sin.”
Faith: ” I thought Jesus died on a cross to wipe that all away.”
Grace: ” He did, but it is a matter of believing with your heart.”
Faith” I just am not sure if I want to put my faith in something that I can’t be sure is real.”
Grace: ” Have you ever seen Him?”
Faith: ” What God, no never.”
Grace: ” Have you ever seen a sunset?”
Faith: ” Yea.”
Grace: ” A falling star.”
Faith:” Yea.”
Grace: ” There, you’ve seen God. And We are His image, so see me, see God, and as far as you grandfather goes,It says in James 4: 14, that we are, but a vapor, here today and gone tomorrow.
But if we are but a vapor, then a piece of us remains in everything even after our souls pass away. We are apart of the mist in the wind, we are apart of the colors in the rainbow, or sunset.
We are within ever sand crystal on the beach. We remain, because apart of us were here before we even took our first breath, and as endless as the horizon is as endless as our memory.
Faith: ” Wow, that was deep.”
Grace: ” But true.” Why don’t you just give God a chance, I am sure you will see that He is about goodness.”
Faith: ” Well, tried everythingelse at this point. What do I gotta do.”
Grace: ” First of all, you need to have a pure heart, you can’t have any sarcasm, you need to ask for His help, and tell Him you can’t do it alone.”
Faith: ” Can I ask you, why is it you have so much of this faith?”
Grace: ” When you live like I do, you have to, you have to believe that in the coldness of the night that I don’t freeze to death, or go hungry,
Scene 8- Grace’s family in a fire.
I pray for everything Faith. Because I know what it is like to lose everything.”
Faith: Where did you get all those scars?”
Grace: ” I am the same as you, except I wear mine on the outside. I know I have to let them live on the surface.”
Faith: ” Are you sure I can’t get you something to eat, I know a place where there is really good pizza. I mean I was going to use the
money for other expenses, but I think I can manage this time.”
Grace: ” I told you God would use you.”
Faith: ” There you go again, but if that is what you believe, then I will too.”
Grace: ” No girl, that’s where your problem is, you believe because someone tells u.”
Faith: ” I don’t have the faith that you have.”
Grace: ” Well, that’s a good place to start, finding your own faith.”
Faith: ” You don’t get it, all my life I have been waiting for God to give me faith,”
Grace: ” Why didn’t you just ask?”
Faith: ” For faith, that’s stupid.”
Grace: ” Everything is about effort with God. Here is a piece of paper.”
Faith: ” What am I supposed to do with this?”
Grace: ” Write down 10 good things you want to accomplish.”
Faith: Okay, whatever, I’ll do it.” ( writes out)
Grace: ” Okay, now that your finished, what if I said this is everything God wants you to accomplish in a day.”
Faith: It wouldn’t help me much in the whole wanting to have faith, that would be crazy, I can’t do that.”
Grace: ” Okay, well what if I said, He only wants you to try to accomplish one of those things on that list.”
Faith: ” Okay.”
Grace:” That is how you should see faith, you only need a little bit to see the difference. God doesn’t measure what we accomplish with our hands, He cares about the effort we make with our heart.”
Faith: ” So you are saying I only need to believe a little and He be okay with it.”
Grace: ” He’s okay with you now, but believing in Him would probably make more of a difference then you could ever imagine.”
Faith: ” God loves me even now.”
Grace: ” Even now. And He’s a Big God, and whatever you are going through, He can take it from your hands.”
Faith: ” Grace, God must really love you, you really believe,”
Grace: ” He loves you the same.”
Faith: ” Will you say a prayer for me?”
Grace: ” No, but I will pray with you.”
Faith: ” People will see.”
Grace: ” And.”
Faith: ” Okay.”( She kneels down on the concrete)
” God, umm, I’m not really good at this, but this is Faith Marks, and I am having a hard time right now, and someone told me that if I ask, you would help me have faith, so whatever faith is God, I am in need of it desperetly. It’s rough God, and I don’t want to be here anymore, nothing is going right, but you are my last hope, and from what I’ve been told, and would like to see myself is that you keep your promises.( She turns away for a moment from Grace, )in a whisper, ” Maybe you did say I was special.) Thank you God for listening, Amen.
Grace: ” I bet He had His ear to the clouds for that.”
Faith: ” Grace, Thank you, you never had to say a word to me, but I feel so much better than I thought I would.”
Grace: ” Anytime.”
Faith: ” I gotta go now, I have a class.”
Grace: ” God Bless.”
Faith: ” And to you as well.”
( She walks away, but turns around to look back at Grace, who has disappeared.)

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