Poem: Faith of Friendship

– I wrote this after a friend passed away a couple years ago. I am thinking of framing it and giving it to Trisha’s family. Anyway, I thought I would share.

Faith Of Friendship
By: Angie Sarich

If tomorrow shall pass away
And today already is a memory
The sand in the hour glass fallen through

If your smile on your face is hidden by a frown
And the sun sets before you know what to do

Remember friends are there through all seasons

Just believe you are gonna be fine
Just believe someone is watching over you
Keeping you safe and close
Know that God always moves
And brings those you care for along for the ride
Friends remind us we are never alone

Times are tough, and oceans roar
But the strength we have inside of us
Empowers us to pay no mind to the ending
But be hopeful for a new beginning
Friends help us stay strong

Life is like that; People come and go
And we hold a special part of them forever
Because each of us are a portrait of God
And in the times we feel so different we find
We possess the same heart
and are taking the same journey
To know, and believe all that faith puts in our hands.

Faith and Friendship tie together in a promise that says
We will never be without either, because of God’s love.

– I am in the process of writing another devotional, but at this point its like writing a book, for the particular concept I am trying to share…had to research a little. More later.

– I am doing better than this morning, I think overall everything has hit me so hard, because I kept telling myself I shouldn’t be upset about what happened, but I had every right to be. I’ve known them both since I was in 3rd grade. And I haven’t had anyone close to me besides my grandfather pass away…and I don’t know Tracy’s condition now, but I do know I’m a little traumatized by all of it, and I would not even be writing if it was Trisha instead of Tracy…I mean I love Tracy too, but Trish and I know each other inside and out no matter how much time goes by.
I am sorry to go on, but I guess its alright to. I didn’t know her daughter that died, but I remember her pictures were a splitting image of Tracy; I remember Tracy had to have a birthmark removed from her baby’s head, because it was cancerous when she was an infant…Please just keep praying, I am giving them all space right now, and its so hard.

Love you.

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