LSOF: In Search of…Grace

What does ” grace ” mean to you? What is the definition you have grown up believing is the TRUE definition.

Think about it and comment; I am interested in hearing your answers.

I’ll be back in a few days to post about it.

🙂 Be Blessed:)


– This is what Kit wrote:

Immediate response:

(1) Showing class under stressful situations (i.e., not losing your cool when things are not going as easy as they might);
(2) Remaining ever-mindful of others’ feelings and watching what you say and do to protect their needs, values, fears, etc.;
(3) Letting others share the spotlight – lifting up people rather than having to be the focus of attention;
(4) Accepting and forgiving people for their shortcomings.

It’s a complex word. That’s what hits me instinctively.

3 thoughts on “LSOF: In Search of…Grace

  1. Undeserved favor to a guilty one; not demanding to be paid what is owed.I found you through JennyHope. I love your theme verse!


  2. Ang, I’ve been meaning to leave a comment for weeks on this. Sorry it has taken me so long. With 3 kids, a small business and many demands, I don’t always get the time I’d like. What is grace to me? It is easiest for me to look at GRACE and MERCY at the same time because they are both so valuable to me. Mercy is amazing and then Grace takes it even further beyond what we could ask or imagine. This is how I would sum it up…God’s MERCY is: NOT giving us what we deserve. (eternal punishment to name just one)God’s GRACE is: Giving us what we DO NOT deserve.(heaven to name just one)


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