God’s grace in Ephesus

Okay. I am sure by now y’all got it that ” grace” has been stirring around in my heart for a couple weeks now, and finally, finally, God is starting to reveal Himself, the reasoning behind it.

Point blank. I’m supposed to write about it. In the study of Ephesians.

I am tired, but I want to share that I just got off a 30 min phone call with my friend Nikki, and I was telling her all I was learning about just the first chapter alone, and let me tell you it is A LOT!

And I turned on the TV deciding to take a break for a bit.

On TV I turned right to a Christian station that was talking about Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, and also that Ephesus was most likely the very origin of God’s grace, other than Jesus dying on the cross of Calvary.

SO…Needless to say, my hair on my arms stood on end when I first started watching…and NOW I know for sure that I better keep studying:)


What I’ll do is first give you the chapter to read, and then I will break it all down for you:)

I am just SO siked!

Be Blessed:)


3 thoughts on “God’s grace in Ephesus

  1. It is in the air!!!! Yesterday, I was working through some words for a new song I have been toying with and needed some guidance. Ephesians 6:10 is what hit me… very power words, and fits nicely into what I was trying to relay…So, I guess Ephesians is the place to be reading.


  2. WOw, so many people in Ephesians right now. THat is what Jer and I read on the beach after his Mom had just passed..thank you so much for this! Love you!


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