LSOF: Just Stomp It

LSOF: Just stomp it
We all have strange little habits we pick up as children that have carried on into our adult lives.
Perhaps, it’s the way we laugh or cry…the way we walk…the way we talk…the way we sit at the dinner table…the way we chew gum…or step on a sidewalk…or the way we sometimes have little habits that seem to revert us back to childhood.
Such as; stamping our foot.
Yep, that would be me. It happens without control.
My friend and I were at work, and she was teasing me in front of another associate, and I guess I stomped my foot and said something like,
“ I don’t do that.”

Her reply was, “ See , I told you she stomps her foot when you tick her off.”

Nice, very nice friends

Anyway, its not the only time I do that apparently.

Sometimes its to get a point across, and a time to be completely serious.

I was talking with Debbie after church, and I said in a stomp,
“ I am trying to get stronger in my faith, and deeper with God.”

She just looked at me probably thinking, “ Did she really just stamp her foot?”

I went to my mom’s after church. And I tried to get some rest before taking the trip back home.

No sleep for the weary, until the weary got writing.

I grabbed a notebook and a pen.

The message at church was: “ You’ve got to be kidding: Carrying our cross”
Obvisouly, it was about taking our cross and carrying it. No matter what.

As I thought about the message, God brought a memory back to me.
Something I must have done a years ago.

I was sitting at the red light, and I remember saying to God in my heart,
“ I’ve given up on you, because you’ve let me down, You haven’t made my life
Any easier. I’m done with this.”

And this was His almost immediate reply,

“ But I never gave up on you.”
God showed me yesterday, that I haven’t always carried my cross, I’ve left it to the side of the road plenty of times. I’ve probably even let others borrow it, because I thought I was fine without it.

But ultimately, my identity lies with that cross, because my identity lies with Christ.

You can’t have one, without the other.


I put my foot down, because I wanted to physically show that I wasn’t just serious on the inside of me, but the outside as well.

I’m growing from the example of Peter, to the example of Paul. I honestly never thought I could ever identify the least bit with him. God’s amazing like that.

But somethingelse God has brought to my mind is not only do we have to put our foot down for what we our serious about, but also what others need help in knowing what is serious.

Abraham in Genesis 18:16-33; He pleads with God not to destroy Sodom.

But first God actually thinks Himself, “ Should I let Abraham know what I am about to do?”
God thought about the future, what the results would be.
But before He does, He decides to see for Himself if the sin they harbored in the city was great enough
That He would have to destroy them.

Here is just a quick aside. The God of the Old Testament is the same God of the New, but God had to do a lot of weeding out of who was serious about their faith, and who wasn’t. It was a constant struggle.

God lets Abraham in on everything He is about to do.

And Abraham actually has a noticeable disbute.

“ Why Lord would you sweep away people that have some good in them?” What if there were 50 people that were still righteous, would you save their lives?” In a way He is asking, “ What kind of God are you?”

God answers, “ Yes, if there were 50.” But I feel thought that God keeps His answers short and sweet, because there is no need in explaining to Abraham. God knew the righteous had turned from Him. But He didn’t let Abraham know that. He wanted to see Abrahams’ faith.

So Abraham decides to ask God again, “ Okay God, if there are maybe not quite 50 like I said, like maybe 5 less, would you destroy the city because of their sin?”

God just answers, “ I would not destroy it.”
So then Abraham still curious and concerned asks, “ Okay, I know you said you wouldn’t destry it if there were 5 less then 50, but what about if there were only 40?
God answers, “ Still wouldn’t destroy them.”
Abraham at this point feels like He is bothering God.
“ Okay, so what if there are only 30, would you destroy it then?”
And God answers, “ wouldn’t destroy it then either.”
Abraham keeps the numbers going down and down and down…
“ But Lord, what if there are only 10 people?”

God answers once more, “ Not even if there are only 10.”

God left Abraham where he was standing.

I think that is the place we see God put His foot down.

He let Abraham know He was serious, but didn’t reveal the number it would
take to destroy the city.

Of course we know that the city was still destroyed.

I think Abraham also put his foot down too, because he let God know he was seriously concerned, and wanted answers.

I leave you with this.

If you feel strongly about something, don’t be afraid to put your foot down, be strong, and
Lift your head high. For the place where you stand is Holy ground, because the Holy spirit is carrying your feet, to make it easier for you to carry your cross.

Be Blessed


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