Something genuine…

So my friend was telling me she was at red light at International Blvd. in Daytona.

The stretch of it is always populated with homeless people holding up signs.

Well, something she told me that was interesting.

There was a homeless man who was holding up a sign, and she said as she went by him, it read,

” Why Lie, I need beer! “

Now I’m thinking that this man probably will have a better chance of getting one if he had held up a sign that said, ” I need money”.

But I was impressed by his honesty, if only others followed that example.

Be who you are, 24/7…without once putting on a facad…

Could we really do it?


2 thoughts on “Something genuine…

  1. Hum. . .good question–that true sense of authenticity. . . well all I can say is that I’m working on it, or rather the Holy Spirit is working on in through me. Wonder if this guy wrote the sign when he was drunk? What’s sad is that he probably will have some folks give him beer. If they do, at least they won’t have it in their car.~Cheryl


  2. i saw this dude…or a dude w/ the same idea in West Palm when we lived there a few years back! So…this beer guy is a good traveler!


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