LSOF: Songs About Us

Good saturday morning everyone:)

I was just over at Inprogress
and Tam was talking about At this moment…random diary entry

” i am breathless. i am completely captivated by God. i crawled into bed and took a drink of water that i got out of my kitchen faucet and i began to weep. i have so much. SO much.” – Tam

As I read her post, it reminded me of a song: we all have a background song in our life.

Tam’s life reminds me of the song, ” At the moment I feel faint” by: Reliant K

The question I have to ask you: What song would be playing in the background of your life?

I think mine has been more than one, but these songs has been the one that I hear whenever I think back to the times I didn’t know where to turn

This song was one I listened to repeatedly on the way to NJ after my grandfather passed away, and back to FL. And I went to the Avalon concert, and remember my hands were to the sky through the entire song…I actually forgot they were there…

” Can’t Live A Day” By: Avalon

” Jesus will still be there” By: Point of Grace
This particular song brings tears to my eyes everytime I hear it:
I was sitting in the front row at the church. I watched the Praise team start to sing this song,
and I remember putting my head down towards the ground. I didn’t know what to do.
I felt someone come and sit next to me. They grabbed ahold of my hand, and whispered,
” Jesus will never give up on you, and neither will I.”
I opened my eyes, and saw my Pastor’s wife, and dear friend Debbie smiling at me with tears in her eyes. She held on to my hand tightly and we prayed and then sat there, she never let go(physically) until the end of the song, but has kept a hold ever since.
I’m greatful. But here you can visualize my experience listening to this:


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