Sometimes its hard to begin…

I wish I was the girl that would blog everyday like I want to, and how it comes so easy to Tam- Inprogressand Mandy-Just a girl, they blog everyday, but me, I just don’t feel like its meaningful enough, unless I spend days preparing..I don’t know.

I know I am at the 2nd chapter of Ephesians, and I just bought Beth Moore’s ” To Live Is Christ” so it would help me in the research…and I am beyond excited to learn more..but have you ever been so excited that you couldn’t even dig in? That’s how I feel, I want to open to the bible, and find all the amazing things God has to share with me…but then its the part that’s its unknown that bothers me…

I am ready for it…I am ready to dig in…but its kinda like looking at the water…you wonder if its cold, and how cold and how much colder it would be other than just tapping your toe in the surface…

so that’s how I feel at the moment…what about you, can you relate?

One thought on “Sometimes its hard to begin…

  1. That analogy about the water being cold…a part of living by faith is believing that the water isn’t cold. I’m not sure of all your struggles, but I know what it’s like to fall in a big way. Romans 8:1 says there is no condemnation in Christ. That means if you read anything in the bible that speaks in a condemning nature, it doesn’t apply to you. It may to someone else but not you. You can trust it that God is building you up into a beautiful temple of his. Being broken about things doesn’t mean you have to be shattered. It means letting go of what hurts and letting him mend what’s broken. You’ve got a beautiful and honest thing about you. It’s good soil to grow into something magnificant. (and you already are!)


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