LSOF: A song God wrote for me

I walked out of the store this morning with tears falling from my face, and I got in the car and turned the radio on and first words I heard, ” You’re not alone, for I am here…”

I was simply floored.

My heart has been very heavy lately. I have had to deal with more stress this last month then in a long while.

But in the midst of all of it, just to know that God spoke so clear to me in the time I was at my breaking point…I just can’t even tell you…wow, would be the only word I could say.

When I came home and listened to it again online, and REALLY listened to the entire song…I felt it was as if God had just finished writing me a song; one that described every moment of my life.

Thank you God…you are amazing! I love you!

5 thoughts on “LSOF: A song God wrote for me

  1. and they say that God is silent. I love it when He chooses to reveal Himself not just through His Word, but through our spirit, our friends…our youtube! 🙂
    He still speaks…[enter soap box…we must always, always make sure what we think our heart may be hearing agrees with what He wrote in His love letter…God will NEVER, EVER contradict Himself…end soap box].
    I’m with you on this journey, muffin!


  2. Tammy: Thanks for your prayers:) I glimpsed at your blog, you have a big heart:)

    Cat: Girl, I just had a HUGE smile on my face reading your comment, but maybe it was the flaughin pic:) hehe…
    He DOES still speak…I’m glad we’re in this together!
    Love you!


  3. Hi 🙂 i dropped by your blog yesterday and thought i’d left a comment but it seems i forgot to hit ‘submi’ before closing the window – sighh – old age i guess 😉

    Wanted to let you know i was glad to see you have ‘begun’ and hope it is getting a little ‘easier’ to find what you want to say – to share with Him and with us.

    Also, i did not want to add a ‘negative’ but youTube is telling me the video Above is no longer available! 😦 Give it a day or two and there may be another version posted – perhaps there even is already? 🙂



  4. Love: Thanks for hitting submit:)

    Seriously though, it is getting easier, because I let it take on a life of its own, when the thought comes I am on it like bees with honey! (is that something a girl from NJ would, lived in FL tooo long!)

    I don’t know what’s up with Youtube, maybe its allergic to my site:) Who knows! But thanks for telling me:)


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