I remember….

I was just sitting here thinking of past people that I’ve known in my life…some are still around, or we’ve lost touch at some point…but I remember them…and some of the silliest things, but words carry so much…

” It’s not what people think about you, its what you think people are thinking about you that bothers you.”

” You are not something, unless you say it aloud so yourself can hear.”

– Kristen Worthington(mentor)

” True Christians will not just talk the talk but walk the walk. You can tell by the life they lead whether they truly know Jesus.”

– Debbie Moenning(spiritual mentor)

” You teach people how to treat you.”

– Travis(walmart)

” If you get tired from serving God, be careful, make sure its God you are serving.”

” You have to be able to encourage yourself before others, or its like a candle that has been lit, but last only a short time.”

– Lisa Williams( KLOVE)

” When Jesus is all you have, Jesus is all you need.”

– Tim Wolf(Positive Hits Z88.3)

” Wear your seatbelt, drink only coca-cola, and be kind to one another.”

– Wanda Burnett(H.S Childcare teacher)

What are some important quotes in your life you remember from everyday people you’ve known?

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