LSOF: I walked into the sunrise…

I got up early that morning, jumped in my car and head 5 min to the beach.
I can’t explain it, but I felt as if from the moment I stepped outside my door that
God was asking me to meet Him there.

I arrived. It was about 6:30am. The sun was just starting to peer over the horizon. Yet there was darkness all around me.

I walked down to meet the water’s edge.

The waves seemed to be calm, and strangely at peace. As if they were told to be as still as they could, so He could speak.

I started to gather some shells here and there, squinting with my eyes, having to make sure they were indeed shells.

Jellyfish and seaweed almost covered where I stood. Thanks to the storms.

With each shell I picked up, I would stand to look to see the slow unveiling of the sunlight.
I couldn’t help but look in awe, as it mesmorized the entire sky inch by inch.

I continued to walk, collected shells for hours. I found all sorts of things, including pieces of sand dollars, and eventually, I found a complete one as I turned back. With the beach erosion, it was a miracle to find something still placed so perfectly together. Although it had some cracks…
perhaps, God put the pieces together before I found it.

As I walked back, my realized long trek back…I saw something laying upside down on the ground.

It was a sea turtle.

When I picked it up a little bit of blood fell into the water. The poor thing had been pecked in his head.
Amazing though, he was still alive. Barely.

I tried to hunt down the Volusia Co. patrol, because they can take care of the sea turtles.

What happened was the sea turtles come and lay thousands of little eggs, and then they hatch, and the baby sea turtles have to make their own way to the ocean.

As the little turtle laid in the palm of my hand, every few seconds it would try to get enough strength to try to swim. His little eyes were completely closed. I knew the poor thing was so exhausted.

I found the beach patrol. A little boy was with his dad walking ways up before me. I showed them the turtle.

The little boy, who had to have been about 4-5yrs, took off like a marathon runner to catch up with the beach patrol. He wanted to save the turtle too:)

So he caught up to them, and I handed them the baby turtle. YAY!:)

Throughout these hours, one song was sung in my heart, by Watermark; what’s amazing is even the songs carried in my heart just come to me, as if God wanted me to listen to them in the background of His beautiful creation before me.

I was very tired by the time I reached my car.  I finally was able to sit and relax.

A Jehovah Witness came right next to my car, and said to me,

” I am sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if I might give you a message.”

and I just said, ” I know it, and today I experienced it.”

I drove away.

A little piece of heave.

Lasted a few hours.

To last in my heart for a life time:)

Be Blessed my friends:)

– Angie

6 thoughts on “LSOF: I walked into the sunrise…

  1. Angie- What beautiful pictures! What an awesome, God inspired morning. You were given a blessing that I doubt you will ever forget! Awesome!


  2. That is a beautiful post. My first time here. I came from Mandy’s blog. I clicked on yours because you are the DOer of the day on my 40th birthday. 🙂 I am sure it will be an amazing story.


  3. Jennifer: Hi!:) Yes, it was amazing:) and you’re right I’ll never forget it:) Thanks for stoppin’ in:)

    Rachel: YES! I totally agree…and I find its in the times when we take that extra step to be closer to Him, doing more than we usually do…I love Him:)

    Theresa: Welcome:) Happy early birthday…and I will do my best:)PRAY HARD:)
    Less of me, more of Him, Less of me, more of Him..Oh please Lord:)


  4. Hey Ang,

    Amazing post as usual. Isn’t it great when God shows off for us???

    Oh and I have to admit, I am so jealous about your proximity to the beach. I’m a beach girl living in the midwest. Something’s wrong with that!!

    Love ya,


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