Just jammin to Psalm 121

Psalm 121- if Cece sang it:)

I lift my eyes to the hills

cause I know where my help come from

my help comes from the Lord

maker of heaven and earth

He will not let my footslip

and though the world will try to persecute yea,

my help comes from the Lord

forever and forever more!


4 thoughts on “Just jammin to Psalm 121

  1. Cheryl: I PRAY NO ONE gets the storm…it would be devastating no matter what…you stay dry too!

    Rachel: Can’t you just hear CeCe sing it…I love how I have no skills with music writing, but I can hear how it should sound..ugh, issues! I actually added to it last night at work…I was in electronics from 10pm-5am…doing nothing, but cleaning…and it was BORING…so after watching ” Finding Nemo” and ” Little Mermaid 2, ” I decided to focus on the song:)
    Hope you have a great day…I’ll have to hear your stuff at some point!:)


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