I AM ( A Poem inspired by Isaiah 55)

I wrote this poem years ago, but I can tell you even reading it today, that I KNOW it came right from the heart of God.

If you know about Isaiah 55, it is also called, ” Invitation to the thirsty” and how a fitting title it is:)

I hope you are encouraged by it, and remember to come thirsty to His throne:)

Love you.

I Am

( Inspired by: Isaiah 55)

Come and look to me, child.

Watch as everyone falls to their knees


As they do, I forgive them generously.

You see, I think not as this world does,

And nor do you think as I do.

My ranking is more spectacular

Then the highest landmark

Or the strongest wind.

I can flood the land

With the snap of my fingers

I can turn the oceans to ice

In a blink of an eye.

But I don’t…

Because I love my people.

The floods I bring

Turn to tiny raindrops

And the ice of the ocean

Are just the glaciers

Floating above the surface.

I know that you try to my will of you

And that is why

I have given you glorious things.

Sunsets, stars to look at in the sky, children to delight your heart…

I have given you

All that is in my power, and

Can give more.

But you’ll never know

All I have sacrificed to

Bring you this far.

My Son died for your sins,

But I have sacrificed even more,

Than you can begin to imagine…

What about the days of silence I got

From you

Do you know how I longed to hear from you

When you first opened your eyes to the morning?

Or when you are by yourself

Looking at the clouds passing in the sky

I desperately wanted to hear

What you thought of them

I want to know you.

And I have sacrificed even impatience

To do that.

As I hope you have for me.

The mountains and the hills,

Will be your strength

The trees of the fields

Will be your hope

The thorns of the roses

Will be your courage…

I AM and have created all things.

I have created your every thought, every emotion…

Because I am your thoughts I am your emotions…

I will forever be

Your Father

The only one

That will hold you in my hands

And not crush you

By my own forgetfulness.

I will never forget you,

I will never look down on you.

I will not stop you from anything you desire.

But my one hope is that

Your destiny

For yourself

Is the same

As I have planned for you…

Will you let me be the one

To lead the way?

3 thoughts on “I AM ( A Poem inspired by Isaiah 55)

  1. Angie: I think of you often and I hope and pray you are doing well. Your faith and talent for writing/poetry is so refreshing! Good news about your Mom – is she still in the BF Class with you?

    Take care, I’m “Gran Jan” now and God has blessed us so much!

    Georgia Jan
    Romans 15:13


  2. Tiffany: Thanks for stopping by, and Thank you for your comment:) You are welcome anytime:)

    Georgia Jan: (a.k.a- Mama Moon Flower!!!)-
    I think of you often too:)!!!
    Here’s a surprise…mom was never in BF with me…Sammi another siesta sent me the VHS of it, and So I had her sit down and just watch it with me…she loves Beth…and that’s totally God!!!:)
    I hope you are doing well, enjoy the granbaby!!!


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