LSOF: Our pain can heal

I just gotta love my friend Tam- Inprogress, because she is so REAL about REAL life stuff….she tells it like it is, and HOW it is…
and one of her posts was on our past…and could we ever be strong enough, and willing to share our story to help others…

When I saw ” August Rush” what the most amazing thing to me about it, was how a little boy who was very lost, and could only be ministered to through music….through his journey, ministered to every person he came in contact with, all the way to the end of the movie. I don’t think he even ever realized it.

The scene on video, is when August walks into a church, and if you notice when the little girl sees him, through song, it is as if they have a conversation, she telling her story, he telling his….

That is what music does, that is what songs really do…do we ever stop to notice where the story came from, from the major songs of today…do we ever stop to notice WHO wrote them?

And yet, music can heal us.

I wonder if the person who wrote the lyrics to your favorite song…wrote it for that purpose, or perhaps it once first ministered to them.

We all do have a story, and like I said, it isn’t about how much you tell them, but what you tell them, and how you go about it.

The rest is up to God on the delivery.

So no matter where you came from in your life; in your most difficult circumstance, whether you are there now or not…you are being given an oppurtunity to prepare to share,
an amazing story.

Be brave.

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