“DO”-ing Something: Beyond The Surface of Kindness

” As she entered the house, she hesitated for a moment, ashamed of herself, as eyes gazed upon her, and people spoke under their breath as she walked through the dining area.~ Then her eyes found Jesus, and she dashed to him as quickly as she could, falling to her knees, and her face to the floor. She picked herself up, and started kissing each foot from Jesus’s ankles to His toes. She realized as she kissed him that she had saturated them by her tears. She gently brushed over his feet with her hair, and wiped the skin dry. Then she reached for her perfume, and she poured the entire bottle all over His feet, and held out her hand to make sure not a drop fell to the floor. She was able to calm herself down, then someone she realized had placed a hand on her shoulder and she looked up, and she immediately saw the face of Jesus smiling down over her. Suddenly, someone spoke the truth of who she was, and she was startled and started to back away, but Jesus grabbed ahold of her hand, and brought her close to him. She was in such awe of Him. She had heard of Him, but never realized how powerful and amazing He was, and surley never believed that a person such as she, could even be within his very sight! Her days were filled with such torment, and she had no dignity left within her, but something about Jesus, made her feel welcome. As he spoke to the other men, He wiped the tears from her eyes, and as he told her that she was forgiven of her sin, she could actually feel her entire past of suffering fade away. She stood up and embraced him, kissed him on the cheek,gathered her things, and left the room with a new spirit within her. “

Good day everyone:)

First of all, I am apologizing to Mandy here, because she wanted this to be at a considerable length…but the thing is, a particular topic such as this must be wordy..I need to live in a world where I can be wordy Mandy:)

With that said…

I thought long and hard about the do’s and the should do’s…that are apart of my thought process.

And the picture that I felt strongly should be painted into our culture would be how to avoid just being kind.

Its easy to smile, or say hello to someone…its easy to send a card to let someone know you thought about them, or prayed for them…its easy to call someone and invite them somewhere…its easy to serve with your church at a place…its easy to pray with someone…its easy to send over dinner to someone who needs it…its easy to give money to the poor…its easy to __________ fill in the blank.

But if you think about it, all of these things although showing kindness, still lack selflesness.

Because most of the time, we will do these things at our conveinance.

We do these things well within our comfort zone.

Think about the people that were in the dining area with Jesus. The woman was carrying a lot of baggage, and was ashamed to enter the room. She was so ashamed she was afraid to meet Jesus, because of what she knew people thought of her.

She knew she was being judged.

We need to be people that go beyond being kind, and meet people more than half way. We need to be people that aren’t afraid for the challenge to find a common ground with others.

And the story of who the woman was or what she did in ministry after meeting Jesus is debatable…but think about how it would have been if someone other than Jesus came to her and wiped the tears from her eyes.

The verse in Matthew 5:16

“Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.”

paints this picture, and although an obvious verse, let me just tell you that when you show by your actions that you love God’s people…People get to know you from a distance, and you won’t even realize it.

I have an example.

I was at church years ago, and during the message I heard someone coughing horribly. a couple minutes went by, and she was still coughing.

I got up from my chair, and I went to the back to pour some water in a cup from the fountain.

Through the dimmed room and following the sound of cough like breadcrumbs, I handed her the water. And walked back to my seat.

I could have continued to listen to the message, and sat in the nice comfy chair, but I remember actually being almost upset, because no one would help her.

Weeks later, I was talking to a friend who I was getting to know from the Praise team. She told me in conversation that the first time she ever saw me was when I brought the woman water. She never had come up to me before and wanted to know me.

Being kind. Is expected.

Giving it, often gets neglected.

Sometimes kindness if the only way people can communicate.

I mean the person on the other end may not ever have had anyone come up to them, and they may not even seem like they appreciate you, because they may not say or act that way…but I promise you, they do appreciate it.

And the more you do something, or say something, the more you will become closer to getting to know them…

At some point they will realize you are safe to open up to.

I have experienced that. And I will continue to do just that, because everyone is worth knowing.

Even from a distance.

So I leave you with this thought…When was the last time you went beyond the surface of kindness, and really saw the results of it later?

18 thoughts on ““DO”-ing Something: Beyond The Surface of Kindness

  1. There is such an incredible difference between surface kindness and from the gut. That probably explains our readiness to buy into the less is more/enough lie from the pits of hell itself!
    thanks angela


  2. Tammy: I couldn’t agree with you MORE!!!
    and I love this:
    ” That probably explains our readiness to buy into the less is more/enough lie from the pits of hell.”
    WOW. Seriously. THANK YOU!!!

    Mandy: Awesome girl.:) and NO THANK YOU! 🙂
    I am glad the Lord has put this on your heart, it screams from mine as well, and I think the 29 others of us:)
    I love you!


  3. Annie: Aww..that’s awesome:)
    The story of the woman and Jesus actually came to me while I was sleeping awhile back, it woke me up, and I opened the bible right to that passage of scripture…God is so cool:)
    I am glad you embrace the challenge:)
    Be Blessed:)


  4. So true that we need to offer more depth and substance at times, in our acts of service to the Lord. But I also do feel that it’s not necessarily easy to do the list of things you suggest are easy. Maybe the person delivering a meal doesn’t have the money and has sacrificed to do so. maybe serving with the church at a project one day required taking a day off work and paying a babysitter. I do believe there can be more selflessness in those acts than is suggested here…..but bottom line is…..we often avoid what makes us uncomfortable, and I’m quite sure Jesus was ridiculously uncomfortable on the cross, and for that we need to allow ourselves some sacrificial stretching. Your post is so beautifully written. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Kim: We ALL need to be reminded of that:) You are not alone…its hard to walk the talk in this area for sure, but pressing in to do it, has amazing results!

    Melissa: I definitely appreciate your thoughts here:) ” Easy” branching off to what you said about the person having to sacrifice things…that is exactly what I am getting at!
    Doing something MORE than we’ve always done!
    and YES ” we often avoid what makes us uncomfortable.” To be more like Jesus…can you even imagine how the world would be:) Thank you so much for your comment and insight here!

    I am LOVING the discussion you guys!


  6. Ang,

    I don’t know if I’ve said this before, but I’m always amazed at what you write. No, make that “challenged” by what you write. You my dear have a gift from God. Thanks for letting Him use you in such an amazing way. You’ve definitely “challenged” me today to “do something.” And that is no small feat.

    Love ya bunches,
    Your prof friend, Cheryl


  7. I agree with Melissa as well. For me, I love doubling or tripling up meals and asking God where to not only take them but spending some ‘real’ time and having ‘real’ conversations with the recipients. I have so guilty of signing up to help out and not realizing the ones I’m dropping off to would or could enjoy my slowing down enough to ‘have’ relationship. I still come back to…
    If you give a mouse a cookie….look out!


  8. Cheryl: I just love you:)Your sweet words and kindness I KNOW are from the heart of God:)
    ALWAYS:) Thanks for that:)

    Tammy: I love this!- We are truly taking an exploration of what it means to do more than scratch the surface..as you said, saying and doing are also two different things…
    saying you’ll do something doesn’t make you sacrifice anything, DOING it does:)

    Afterall, Jesus knew He would die on the cross, but it reminds me of when he was in the garden and fighting with his flesh and spirit…He could have easily backed out, and said, ” You know what I know I said I would do this Father, but..”

    You know what I mean:)


  9. I have been making it a point to do more of that here lately. I’m already seeing the amazing results of going beyond the surface. It can literally change those around you. It’s so amazing to see. When we let God’s love flow through us onto those around us, and actually take the time to stop and serve, be kind, or just love on them, it changes things more than we will ever know.

    Great post girl!!!


  10. You did great! What a wonderful post. It is so true. I have experienced a couple of similar events as you regarding bringing the water. It is amazing how many people notice you do something so small. I really enjoy your heart. Thank you for opening it up to us!

    I’m the one that turned 40 today and had been waiting to see your post. My girlfriend from out of town came and I read your post to her. We both sat and discussed it for an hour. That is the sign of a really good post. Or maybe I like to talk alot. LOL 🙂


  11. Char: Things that make you go hmmm:) I’m glad!

    Cat: Aww..thanks girl:)

    Rach: I gotta tell you, last night at work, I feel like God seriously put emphasis on the whole concept…because people were out of the ordinary…they weren’t my usual customers, I felt as though, each one was a test..it was CRAZY! But I love God for it…I survived:)
    I think its awesome that you are already seeing the results…:)!!!
    BTW, definitely take in your story with everything…you guys have an amazing life together…through the ups and downs…that’s so inspiring:)

    Theresa: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I am SO ecstatic that you took time out to read about going beyond the surface of kindness…because you sacrificed your birthday to spend sometime with us:) Awesome:) Stop in anytime!

    You guys, I have to just thank you for being so real with this concept, its not an easy one to take in, but you definitely tried hard:) I am SO proud of you:)

    Be Blessed:)



  12. great words angie and what a challenge for us all. I think it is so difficult to remember to turn the focus to serving Him rather than people because when are eyes are focused Him….well the serving others comes with easily and with a pure heart. love it girl!


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