A little art with words of Beth Moore:)

Hello everyone, I don’t know what kind of day you might be having as you’ve come here, but I WILL tell you mine was less than amazing; so I popped in my ” Believing God” audiobook, and this was at the end of Session #2 trk 5.

I NEEDED a good word:) So no matter what kind of day you are having, I think you could use a good word too!!!

Believing God


He is Eloheim Creator, Omnipotent; Who RULES.

He is the Sovereign KING OF GLORY,

and Earth, is HIS footstool.

He is the ALPHA and OMEGA, beginning and the end.

He sends forth lightning, that later checks back in with Him.

He SPEAKS worlds into existence,

And spins them out in space,

Gives orders to the morning, and shows dawn its place.

He prophesizes the future, then orders it fulfilled.

Bares fruit from a landscape, that man has never tilled.

He feeds beasts of the field

from the palm of His hand.

He watches while they bare their young, then teaches them to stand.

He gives the seas their boundaries, and hides His creatures deep.

Teaches eagles how to fly; nest upon a steep.

He makes the clouds His chariot, and rides them on the wings of the wind.

He champions the victim, and brings proud men to an end.

He is Emmanuel, God with us, Come to earth through Christ,

He is the Kinsman, Redeemer, who paid the slaveman’s price.

He is the KING OF KINGS, Lord of Lords, and WORTHY is the lamb!

He holds the keys to life eternal

Where the dead in Christ now stand.

He is enthroned between the Cherub rum

Great is His reward

The devil His defeated foe,

The weapon His swift sword

The story has a moral,

So I’ll hasten lest you tire

Whoever you perceived He is,

You might aim higher!

-Beth Moore (Believing God)

I am hoping I spelled everything right LOL…But I loved it and thought you would too!!!

Be Blessed:)


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