LSOF: The Small World


I hope everyone is having a great Sunday, whatever you are doing!:-)

I just got back from a phenomenal message at church:) I mean it was a LASTING one…does that make sense?

I’ve talked before about how God has this time line of events that seem to happen in our lives, that take us right up to the place we are supposed to be.

I’ve been having MORE of those moments, and I am excited to share:)

The time line for me happened within a few days of decided to ” DO Something” on Mandy’s blog, if you don’t know what I am talking about:


The message that Sunday after I had finished writing my post, and was waiting to let it run wild in blogland, was on ” Spiritual Wimpiness” and how important it is to not afraid to stand up for what we believe in, that we needed to DO Something to let the world know we are serious, and let God know we are serious enough to help Him shape culture, instead of it shaping us.

So I was like Hmmm…that’s kinda interesting.

So then, the post is published, people have amazing views from what they got out of it, I was oh so encouraged, and shaking my head at the same time, that God would let little ol me be given HIS big words, HIS perspective on everything, and used me as a megaphone to share the cry of His heart.

Then…more stuff began to happen.

A friend of mine began opening up more to talking to me about some personal things going on in her life, and then God would give me oppurtunities, no matter how hard it was, to help people at the most inconveinant times.

I was at the beach the other day, like I normally am now after work in the morning, and as I am walking back, I see a lady I know from work walking towards me. We got talking, first about the weather, and how often we come to the beach. But then the conversation somehow got on a more serious note, to where I was talking to her about God, and giving her an idea of a good church in the area she could attend. This woman has a hard background in her life, and she cried a couple times as we were talking.

(And I would just like to add, that the entire time we were talking, the tide was coming in, all the way up to my knees by the time I left her.)

I then drove home thanking God for giving me that oppurtunity, and thought about servant evangelism that my church does, and wondered when the next one would be, its only like every other few months of the year. Where there is a week of an oppurtunity to S.A.L.T (Serve and love the city).

When I walked into church this morning, guess what the first couple things happening were going to be?

Servant Evangelism: Car washes, Giving out water at the stores, gas to single mom’s, dog biscuit give out at the doggy park…etc.

So, I will be there bright and early after work next saturday until 11am. I imagine I’ll be tired, but I am excited I get to DO SOMETHING up close and personal:)

I just got off the phone with the person in charge of S.A.L.T, and I didn’t know but his mom had passed away on thursday. I hadn’t picked up on the name during church today, but it was an awesome conversation, and I will meet him and the family next sunday. I just love our crazy God, the way He does things…of all people for me to call tonight…wow.****

The message today was all about to get up and DO SOMETHING, no matter what, JUST do something! He used how the enemy likes to divert us from serving and loving God’s people.

AND the ending song was, ” God of the city” !!!!!!

And…tonight, at 5pm-7:30pm, there is a Prayer and Fasting gathering, also happens a couple times a year.

Anyway one feels like praying and spending time with God they got a whole few hours to do so. It is awesome:) I haven’t been to one in awhile:) I need me some Jesus:)

So with that said, its 11:57pm, and I need to sleep yet from last night. SO if you read this, PRAY I get up and can go:)

( I didn’t end up going, but it was wise that I didn’t for the schedule I have, I need to be healthy and awake, and been told already a couple times this week to rest.)

But my point in this whole thing. We act as though this world is SO big, but in reality, it is actually quite small. Because it doesn’t take much to change a life.

There is a story I’ll share my Pastor told today about a man who was walking on a beach.

He saw someone in the distance dancing, or something. He wasn’t quite sure. He got closer, and saw a little girl throwing starfish, after starfish into the ocean. The man asked her why she was doing it. And she told him that if the starfish stay on land they’ll die. So she took each one and threw it back into the water.

The man shook his head, because starfish lined the beach. He told her that he couldn’t see how doing what she was doing would really make a difference.

And the girl showed him, she picked up the starfish threw it, and told him,

” It made a difference to that one.”

Do what you can with what you have.

All else will fall into place:)

Be Blessed:)


4 thoughts on “LSOF: The Small World

  1. Whoa!
    try again!

    I love this post and as I briefly said yesterday we had this same song and message at church…all day.

    Sounds excessive but it’s not…the problem is excessive but a lot more pallatable when we all take on a portion…like how you might eat an elephant…one bite at a time.

    The marvelous thing about seeing God’s message to the church out there with central themes it’s as if He sent out a memo of His priorites and I get the biggest kick out of seeing who and how the memo gets excecuted.

    The body of Christ where I fellowship has been on this mission for over a year now. With the culmination of much prayer and planning playing out in a 3 day weekend call to action called LoveLoud.

    I was trying to wait and write once I settled down from the excitement of seeing this vision made real.

    that has not happened…Praise God!!

    Here is a link Ang to yesterdays services, I wish I were more tech savy, then I could edit just the message..but if go to about the 22 minute point on this first one and start from there, you should be good

    click here

    so sorry I’m going on…but once you watch, you will understand.

    lots of love and prayers for you Ang,


  2. Tammy: I love this line of yours:)

    {The marvelous thing about seeing God’s message to the church out there with central themes it’s as if He sent out a memo of His priorites and I get the biggest kick out of seeing who and how the memo gets excecuted.}

    I wonder how many He would like to kick:)

    Cheryl: I did your survey:) Thanks for the oppurtunity:) I enjoyed it:)


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