LSOF: signs and wonders

LSOF: Signs and Wonders

One of my favorite verses in the bible is one that holds such truth even in the world today.
Jesus speaks :
“ Unless you people see signs and wonders, you will never believe.” (John 4:48)

A man’s son was dying and he went up to Jesus, “ If you don’t come down, my son will die.”
And Jesus smiles and answers, “ Go to him, right now, and he will live.”
The man quickly departed, believing in Jesus’s words.

The man left on His word…interesting.

Here is a question: Do we believe what the Bible says?

One of the key answers you will usually hear from someone who doesn’t believe in Jesus,
is usually, “ I don’t believe in Him, because of all the bad in the world, if He really cared, it wouldn’t exist.” Or the ever popular, “ I don’t believe in Him, because He has never given me a good enough reason to.”


But something that has been stressed from my own heart lately is, Why is it we believe?
I mean this seems like a simple question, but think deep, why do you believe what you believe, and furthermore, why do you believe in the religion that you do?

Everything has an origin. Where did yours start?

When was the first time you ever not just heard of the name Jesus, or God…but understood more than the name? When was the first time you went to church, and understood the message?
When was the time you were baptized, were you old enough to you remember it even today?
When was the first time you heard somekind of Christian music, do you remember the song?
What is the first Christian related book you ever read? Do you remember what it was about?

I am asking you to think of these things, because what I have been feeling lately in the Body Of Christ, is that we are becoming a people that have an excess or beliefs, and not an excess of actual faith.

We are so riled up on getting the latest book, cd, or attending the latest conference, that our quiet times with God have become limited. We are out to do all these things to serve Him, but is HE really Who we are serving? Think about it.

Aren’t you tired of having the “ fill in the blank” sort of faith? Aren’t you ready to explore for yourself what is in Scripture, and go beyond the teachers that you listen to daily, or on Sundays?

I guess this is a pretty obvious point I am making, but its been strong in my heart for the last week, and I just felt it was right to put emphasis and really make us think.

Put faith into practice. The right way. The way most pleasing to Him.

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