A Poem that became a prayer…a cry of my heart!

A Poem ( that became a prayer….a cry of my heart)
Inspired for my love for God…because there is no one better!
By: angie

( I actually wrote this few hours before Hurricane Charlie came over my area, and
shook my world. I thought of posting it for you, because in everything, the message remains the same.)

Lord, you have been everything to me
Through every trial, every triumph
I can picture your hand flat against the wind
You being my shelter even though the storms
seem to settle above, and all around me.

I feel as though every tear that has fallen
from my eyes, that you gathered from the ground
and hold them close even now
I know I matter to you
And even after many times of pain and ridicule
I know I can turn to you
I know you will still smile at me
proud of who I am.

You’ve taught me about real peace
Peace, I now understand
is about having a stillness within my soul
that I can never begin to explain
But I am sure it’s there.
Your peace stretches all the way to the
highest mountain
and all the way down to the depths of the ocean.
When I am still, completely still…
when I come to the realization around
is chaos, for the moment
but that I realize that there is peace in me
the chaos is just that, mere chaos
and like the waves in the ocean,
it to comes to a calming point
Just knowing Jesus
is there.

Thank you so much Lord
for being you, at every second of my life
from the sunrise to the sunset
from my first breath
and even when I take my last.

I long for you, and you are the one
sure thing I know
in this life, is genuine…
” No strings attached.”

So keep on Lord,
because we soley need you;
some of us….most of us,
we need that constant reminder of
true acceptance…unconditional love…
really is.
We need to remember it indeed exists.

Help us Lord,
to realize in even the roughest times
that heaven is not really all that far,
but only as far
as our hearts believe.

I love you,
and praise you always.


” Don’t wish for a better day
Be glad and use the one you’re in
Fear God and do exactly what He says
That’s what matters
All else fades like the flowers.” ~Rebecca St. James

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