LSOF: The cutting edge: Part 1

LSOF: A cutting edge
based on Genesis 37-40

I am also working on the devotional, but I read a lot this morning, and first just wanted to write it out:)

In the late afternoon, after I had finished washing up, and taking care of things around the house for my father. He asked me to go meet up with my brothers and see how well they were taking care of the flock.
I did as he asked.
In the back of my mind, as I crossed through the field; I thought of their reaction to my dreams. I saw hatred in their eyes I had never seen before. But I thought to myself, that they couldn’t be so heartless.
It was such a beautiful afternoon, the wind rushed over the grass almost in a melody. I know the Lord’s presence was being made known for all around me.
I finally got to the place I was to meet up with my brothers, only they were no where to be found.
I asked a man standing near by if he had seen them. He told me that they had moved on to a place called Dotham. I wondered why they would travel so far out with the flock.
I thought I heard voices in the distance as I got closer to the place. I heard my flock, but all I can remember is something being thrown over my head, and the voices of my brothers speaking amongst themselves that they wanted to kill me. I was stripped of the robe my father had given me, and I was then dragged several feet.
The ground scraping my skin like glass.
Their hearts had grown cold with jealousy.
I knew there wasn’t anything I could do about it. I wept from underneath that cloak.
I was thrown forcefully into a cistern, and I began to think of how they would draw out my demise.
My brother Reuben, I could hear that he wasn’t pleased with this entire plan, and at one point he just walked away.
While he was gone, a caravan of Ishmaelites came, and I could hear my brothers talk amongst themselves that they were planning to sell me for twenty sheckles. I was worth twenty sheckles to them?
My brothers, my family. My very blood selling me to a stranger like bread.
I knew my dreams bothered them, but never had I believed they would take it to such a severe level.
I thought to myself, what about my father, what would he think when I didn’t come back, what would he say? And Benjamin, I told him I would play with him later, I knew he will be sad.
I was sold to Potiphar, one of the Pharoah’s officials.
My days after that were filled with torment. I was a slave to the Egyptians. I had done nothing wrong.
I prayed to God day and night to show me favor. I soon then lived with Potiphar and his wife.
His wife was someone that could not be trusted in any sense, and in the end had cost me the outpour of kindness from her husband.
I was thrown into prison again.
But the Lord was with me, somehow I became in charge of everyone in the prison.
Sometime later in the month, two men that used to work for the Pharoah were also thrown into prison.

5 thoughts on “LSOF: The cutting edge: Part 1

  1. Haven’t been reading long enough to know ‘all’ of your story, but relate to much of it on many levels.

    This is the place of further along and deeper still. Your closest friends can lift you up to God and encourage you along as you immerse yourself honestly and whole heartedly in this place – just you and God. At times like these, I’ve found myself laid low to the ground as I searched, wrestled and then settled so many painful and life altering matters that have been my world.

    Praying for you and rejoicing for the tenacity and honesty it takes to stay and work this out with Him.
    much love,


  2. Meg: I love that you come to visit me all the way from blogger! LOL!!! Loved your FRIENDS post, my friend Charlotte in Vancouver loved it too:)

    Tammy: My story is in reality like everyonelse, we have been saved by Him alone, but our past doesn’t disappear, it is apart of our life, because our flesh craves it. I know that. I love your kind heart, and thanks for your prayers!


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