LSOF: Psalms of our heart….from the archive, for you:)

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

LSOF devotional: Psalms of our heart

Little Steps Of Faith: Psalms of our heart

David spoke clearly in the Psalms of his longing to be closer to God, and his desire for the suffering in his life to end. Isn’t that all of us?

Psalm 94:18
When I said, My foot slippeth; thy mercy, O LORD, held me up.

There is a song Natalie Grant sings, ” Held” and I gotta say I am not sure what the song specifically is about, but I know how it spoke to me, the word HELD itself, it just knocked me down on my knees.

” Know that the promise was when everything fell, we would be held.”

I think this line above all just latches to my heart, almost like armor.

It’s like God speaking to us, saying, ” Even though you are going through this…You will be held.”
This word ” Held”in the Hebrew text caad( saw-ad): to comfort, establish, and REFRESH!

I gotta tell you, with a situation going on in my life, and situations in the past, my dear friends, God definitely is true to that promise! He will refresh us from our suffering!

Someone once told me that we aren’t human beings living in the world, but that we are spiritual beings, living in a human world. There is quite a difference.

Without the belief of God, how can faith even exist?

It occured to me that when others say, ” Let’s hold this person up in prayer.” that we really are spiritually lifting that person up to be face to face with God, even though they are too blind to see Him.

That everytime I have prayed for someone I love that didn’t know Jesus, that really Jesus saw them up close and personal….an interesting thought.

I might be able to go further and say caad, and say we are establishing that we care for that person enough to be in the hands of our Savior.

So whatever you may be going through today, whether its personal, or happening with someone you love; Know this, God is holding on tight, and He won’t let go by the forgetfulness of a busy day.
He IS big enough to handle ALL the cries of your heart!
I hope you are encouraged by this word today, and know I am taking it all in just as you have!

Be Blessed:-)
Angie Sarich

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