LSOF: Giving all your heart, with a selfish mind

This is a picture I drew the other day of ” Jesus, and the sinful woman.”
I am NO artist, but I am proud of it, because for once I was able to draw an idea of what the story looked like from my mind.
I have always written deep descriptions, but seeing it…makes it SO more real:)
Hope you like it:)



: Giving Of All Your Heart, With A Selfish Mind

The title of this devotional clearly came from life experiences.

Do you sometimes feel really overwhelmed, and just out of sync with everything around you, and find yourself saying, ” I just need some ” me” time.” And is that a fair response?

By the end of this, I hope you can come to understand what I didn’t even realize about myself in the beginning.

I was lying in bed a couple nights ago, and I started dreaming of the story of Mary Magdelene and how she anoited Jesus feet with perfume. So I woke up and read the story in the bible, and from there I wrote it out from what I could visualize in my mind…..

” As she entered the house, she hesitated for a moment, ashamed of herself, as eyes gazed upon her, and people spoke under their breath as she walked through the dining area.~ Then her eyes found Jesus, and she dashed to him as quickly as she could, falling to her knees, and her face to the floor. She picked herself up, and started kissing each foot from Jesus’s ankles to His toes. She realized as she kissed him that she had saturated them by her tears. She gently brushed over his feet with her hair, and wiped the skin dry. Then she reached for her perfume, and she poured the entire bottle all over His feet, and held out her hand to make sure not a drop fell to the floor. She was able to calm herself down, then someone she realized had placed a hand on her shoulder and she looked up, and she immediately saw the face of Jesus smiling down over her.
Suddenly, someone spoke the truth of who she was, and she was startled and started to back away, but Jesus grabbed ahold of her hand, and brought her close to him. She was in such awe of Him. She had heard of Him, but never realized how powerful and amazing He was, and surley never believed that a person such as she, could even be within her very sight! Her days were filled with such torment, and she had no dignity left within her, but something about Jesus, made her feel welcome. As he spoke to the other men, He wiped the tears from her eyes, and as he told her that she was forgiven of her sin, she could actually feel her entire past of suffering fade away.
She stood up and embraced him, kissed him on the cheek, gathered her things, and left the room with a new spirit within her. ”

The key point to look at here is: How did Mary Magdelene approach Jesus?
Did she worry about what he thought of her at the moment before anoiting His feet with the perfume? No. She just did it.
And she gave her all. Her most expensive perfume, she emptied it completey, without thinking, ” Yea, I know this was expensive, so should I really use it over someone’s feet?”

She knew her sin, but didn’t let it stop her from giving to another.
Notice the keyword, ” Her” sin. She wasn’t focused on herself at that moment.

” Faith Requires a selfless love.” – ” Saving Grace” By: POG

I heard this lyric in a song, and it added to this Giving heart, with no other motives, but to just give.

We may not always want to help that person on the side of the road, or that friend that needs a babysitter, or the old man that just can’t get the grocery store to buy food, because of the severe pain in his back. Or maybe it is a friend close to you, that seems to somewhat depend on you to help get to the places she needs to get to, even though it makes you have to get up before the crack of dawn…..Yep, that is what it means to have a giving heart.

You are probably thinking, ” I just don’t think it is very conveinant to do things for others, my life is crazy as it is, and I just don’t have any time to spare.”

If you are thinking that, you are experiencing the thought pattern of our selfish mind.

” Me…Me…Me…I…I…I….I need, I want, …blah blah blah.

We will call this the ” Me” principle.

The ” me” principle is all about US…but where does God ever say to us to put aside those that really need our help? Nowhere!

Jesus gave most of His time to people that needed Him, some didn’t even know that they did!

The task:

Luke 4:17-21

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me,
Because He has anointed Me to preach
the gospel to the poor.
He has sent Me to heal the broken hearted,
To preach deliverance to the captives
And recovery of sight to the blind,
To set at liberty those who are oppressed,
To preach the acceptable year of the Lord.”

The ” He ” principle- Why was Jesus on the Earth? It certainly was not for himself. Everything He did, He did so people would know and believe in God.

So what is our task?

Paul states in Acts 20:24 very clearly, ” However I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may run the race and complete the task given me, the task of testifying to the gospel of God’s grace.”

Our task is not supposed to be about US, we are not even living or breathing on this earth for OUR own pleasure.

It is a privilege to be here, and just like a knight is suited to go out into a wilderness until he completes his journey, so must we, and when we come back home, it will only be because we completed our task as commanded.

So what does God say about us? Well, if everything is about us, and what we need and want, where does God fit into the picture?

The ” Me” mentalities have no room in heaven, and we must learn to look at it as a insect that eats at our thoughts, because that is exactly what it does.

Situations will be dealt with in the way we see them.

If a person is having a bad day, its not your fault. Don’t think everything everyonelse is going through has to do with you, don’t change the way you see and do things for others, by assumptions…they are as unfair as the way you think you are being treated.

We are here because of God, and for God. Everything we do is for His glory.

God is going to call us out of our comfort zone to help people, just do it!

Different seasons of our life will require us to schedule our time , but make sure whatever you do that it is scheduled around others, and not them around yours.

If you gotta do things for someone more than a couple times a week, just like anything there is moderation, and we are not doormats, but if you can discern that people are genuinely appreciative, and even if they are not at first, then give your heart as many times as that!

Above all, just lose yourself, and gain all that God wants to give you, the more you hide your mirror in your pocket, the more God can enlighten you with a new image of yourself.

So when you are faced thinking, ” I don’t want to do that for them.” well, think of the heart Jesus had, do you think he said the same? Nope, he died for us, not for him! He was only 33yrs, he could have gotten married, had kids…but that was not the will of God, through Jesus’s life we know that life was never intended to be about us, but to share the gospel and love of God.

My Sheild, The fire may come towards me
But you put your hand up, and it disappears
My Sword, Words try to slay and tear my heart
But you take it all, and remind me my value to you.
My Helmet, the very sky can give way
But you let it fall on you, and smile at me
showing me what you sacrifice for me.~A.S

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