Faith’s Great Adventure

I just have to share some love for a fellow blogger and siesta, Faith:)
She is a veteran here in blogworld, and has gone through SO much in her life.
So the name really fits her:)

This is her ABOUT ME on her page:)
I am a child of God and a recipient of His unfathomable grace, called to pour out that love and grace on others. I am the wife of an amazing man of God, and we were praying for a child. God has blessed us with two sweet little newborn boys! I am a traveler. A brand-new ministry wife and twin mama. A Siesta. 🙂 A lover of people whose heart is slowly learning to beat in rhythm with His. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) last year, and this blog began when I was doing some wrestling with God about that … I have been seeing Him bring divine special effects out of my trials. He is unbelievably GOOD.

Anyway, she just had twins, so if you are a reader of this blog, or hers…go and leave her a message:)

Congrats girl:) Love you!

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