LSOF Poetry: Life Story

This is what happens to me when I listen to music….:)

Life Story
By: Angie Sarich

I close my eyes and fall
Deep into the abyss of my imagination
I find myself captivated
By the swaying of the swing next to me.
As I suddenly start to incessantly hum
“So Far Away” with Carole King.

The wind helps the song to wrap
Around me, a gift to my soul.

I remember the curtains that flowed in
The dark room that I feared standing in,
They were white, but oh so ominous.

I’ll never have to face them again.
For I have locked that door,
Never to be opened again.

The key buried with the secrets
It came from.

My tears don’t fall now;
Instead they help sing the background
Melody of my life.

I open my eyes,
And I board the train,
Outside the window
I wave a pretty white handkerchief.

I bid farewell to Chapter 1,
And set on deeper into the pages ahead.

The excitement is hard to contain.
The enthusiasm seems as if it could sky rocket
Out of me.

I begin to finally, live my story.

The way it was written.

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