LSOF: Where did your faith begin?

I had a wonderful email come to me from a friend yesterday. She asked me about how ” open” was to other faiths and belief systems. I want you to know if you come to my blog, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from; I will treat you with the upmost respect and I will accept you as you are.
Believe me, I am the poster child for ” imperfection.”

For those who do have faith though, because in my email I replied, I noticed that I my faith in God began when there were tears streaming down my face. Since then, I am just emotional when I pray to God, I can’t help it. He brings me comfort and peace. He wipes the dirt off my back and takes my hand, and helps me up.

I have just come to realize that I have seen myself, who I really am, through the eyes of faith.

God knows me, He gets me. The rest of the world, could never possibly. Afterall, only He created me.

So anyway, if you are new to the blog, I am open to anything to ask. I will only ask that you keep comments respectful to the blog, and to others that visit here.

Here is something I wrote in my journal years ago to God: A friend told me I should start to share my story more, so here it is:

The sun may rise and set, but you O Lord, are constant. I find relief that you keep watch on even the simplest daydreams. I fear not that someone’s words would destroy me, because I know who I am in you. I fear not of death, a shadow only cast by Satan, because whether my heart continues to go on beating, or I am alive, Jesus lives within me. The world’s knowledge of you is incomplete and I would long to be your vessel; keeping your wisdom carefully hung from my shoulders. I am your child, I fear not that you will always be close, and I have your arms near me to wrap around me, I love you today, and forever.


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