LSOF: Setting the Stage “Faith Story” Part 2

( the picture above was actually taken by the Hubble telescope…and the it is a blackhole in the middle of a galaxy.)

In the beginning of my ” Faith Story” I shared about literally…” the beginning” of my life, and my faith in God.

I was a sponge when it came to just watching the creation around me; I took it all in, as deep as I could.
I appreciated so much of nature, and at a early age, I wanted to learn about the ” How’s ” and ” why’s” of things; such as weather, and the solar system.

I was fascinated by the rain falling on the leaves of the trees. I looked closely seeing the leaves were upside down…they were thirsty, and that was the ” how” they kept growing and surviving.

I went to the library with my mom, I was probably about First grade, and they would give away books for free when they were through with them in the library rather than throw away.

I picked out a Earth book, learning about the weather, and clouds.
I learned from that book; about cloud formations how rain happpend, lightning, hurricanes, and tornadoes…
I read every name for the clouds, and specifically visualized which was which.
I took it in SO much that I actually would be sitting outside looking at the clouds, and see cirrus clouds and run in the house to tell mom it might rain later because the cirrus clouds tell of a far off storm;
she would tell me it was beautiful outside….and then later that day, yea it rained:)

I also just have to mention if you are around me, and it rains; and you tell me you feel tired, or are in a bad mood…I will tell you…its because of the barometric pressure.
Its true!
But most people probably would just say, ” Oh really.”
Nope, I was a girl born to give answers:)

My other favorite passion was the solar system, and constellations.
I don’t know if you would be familiar with a show called ” The Star Gazer” but it was a pudgy man who who tell on his 15 minute program about meteor showers and things of that nature, and when they would happen, and what stars would be visible…etc.
I was SO excited when he came on television, I lived to watch those 15 minutes.

I had a book of constellations, and I learned every single one of them;
(like I could try to remember any now, forget it.)
I learned the stories that went along with them as well.
I just loved space, completely.

When my dad was home, I treasured spending time with him looking through the telescope at planets such as saturn. He also would teach me about each planet.
I LOVED taking my trips to Kennedy Space Center.

I have to laugh for a moment to share something sweet I did as a child to go along with this.

I had a huge yellow book of Stars, and Constellations.

There was a page in the middle with a picture of people looking through a telescope.

Now here is where the creative side of me began even then…

I would actually choose one person from the picture and name them, and go back and read the book chapter as if it was that person teaching me; yea, I would read it aloud to myself.
I guess some kids played with dolls, dolls got old sometimes, pictures in books could be just
as fun to play with:)

I treasure the creation around me and above me, I really always have, and I even remember watching some 80’s show about ” Save the Planet” with ” Mother Earth” on a hospital bed. I remember crying.

I think the reason I can read the bible now so easily as an adult and understand it; because God already taught me to learn about the most mysterious things to most people in the universe, or what people didn’t
” care” to really learn; I look back now, and I can see why He put the passion there.

Going back to the verse:
Lift your eyes and look to the heavens: Who created all these? He who brings out the starry host one by one, and calls them each by name. Because of his great power and mighty strength, not one of them is missing.(Is. 40:26)

To think that He taught me this verse as a child and I didn’t know it…its pretty amazing:)

More to come…

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