LSOF:”Mirror, Mirror On the Wall…”

I have had a fascination with mirrors since I was a baby…yes, there are actually pictures of me laying on the floor and looking at my reflection. When I got a little older I would climb up on the couch and press my tiny hands against the mirror. I would stand there and just wonder if it was possible for there to be another world on the otherside…to this day, I still wonder:)

Reflections can be created anywhere.
Looking down into a lake you can see yourself in the calm ripples.
Through the glass of a department store, you can see the mannequin’s and then yourself.
When you do your make up, making sure the fascad of the day is perfect.
Even rainbows have a reflection sometimes, creating another one in the sky.
Clouds during the fog create reflections..
You can see a reflection in eyes, picture frames, and even the sun
has a reflection…its just so bright its hard to see.

Reflections are the substitute of the real thing, but appear so magical and beautiful.

My story continues the reflection that I have created for myself, what I see when I look into the looking glass:)

I have a new job position now, as a overnight supervisor, and its one I never thought I would be seen as being able to really do.

I think what people may not realize so much, is that your resume’ that you share with your potential employer is a reflection of YOU, what you have done, and accomplished.

I had accomplished a lot in my 11 yrs of retail, teaching, and customer service.
Eventually you get a position that brings you back to all of it you already know,
and the ” big” position you suddenly have, is doable.

I have had it rough as a child to teen, and now adult.

I was always different. I never went with the crowd. The crowd thought I was weird, because I only chose to be around a certain group of people.

I didn’t want to be around people who weren’t real. I wanted to be around people who knew who they were, and didn’t care what others thought about them.

I remember I was even invited to sit at the ” cool” kids table, and so I sit down, a girl sits across from me and says, ” Oh, so we are just letting anyone sit at our table now.”

I got up, and went and ate my lunch outside.

I think it is that I was just always pretty hyper for people, and drove them crazy.

Eventually I felt more comfortable being around my teachers, then my friends. Somehow, I just felt I didn’t relate to anyone.

I would stay after school and help my teachers, and then go to drama practice.

I became so antisocial in highschool that I actually stayed in my teachers’ classroom by myself reading magazines, while there was pep rallies going on outside.

Highschool for me was about what image you could have, was the outcome of how you would be seen, and succeed.

I had the talent, but I never had the ” image” I didn’t have the part that was ” dreamed” for someonelse.

The only image that was left, that I didn’t create for myself, but others chose to see me…a snitch.

I was told to speak to a private investigator about a teacher who was under the investigation for sexual harrasment. I was volunteered, and when I was in teh room I was told to say anything that I knew and that anything I didn’t say might make me be questioned later on. So I just told them everything that I had seen and heard.

Well, the teacher ended up losing their teaching license, and the people who volunteered me to speak about it; suddenly they backed off and told everyone that it was a misunderstanding and that I didn’t know what I was talking about.

So it brings me to think, what really is the reflection we create for ourself, when the entire world already assumes they know what they see?

Just because you look at someone, doesn’t mean you really SEE them.

And I am really proud of myself for not backing down when the majority had pretty much told me I would never be ” as good” as someonelse. I kept trying.

The reflection that I have for myself, is a girl who has the light of God radiating from her, it might not shine perfectly, but its in the works. I am still hyper, and annoying. But God loves me for me, and when I put on my make up and get ready for work, I don’t make myself look any different but to just exentuate the qualities about me that can already be seen.

I am me, and I chose to live life on the other side of the mirror. So its not perfect all the time, and so it might have a different color sky…but it is genuine.

I can still picture my tiny hands on the glass….

2 thoughts on “LSOF:”Mirror, Mirror On the Wall…”

  1. Presently we see things as if looking into a cloudy mirror, a dim reflection of what really is, but one day when God makes it all clear, we’ll see Him face to face, and we’ll know ourselves and the world around us in the same way God knows us.

    This is a great post today and I appreciate your honest and sincere transparency.



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