LSOF: Similar story, Different people

As you read in last ” faith story” post, in highschool I was considered an outcast, but I think I tried my hardest to be.

I refused to be like everyonelse, I had my friends but I was never apart of the ” clique”; I had my own sense of style, and don’t believe I actually had anything name brand until my senior year.

I want to share with you about my friend Kat.
We had a two hour conversation yesterday about the highschool years. It is funny, because we’ve known each other since years after, but yesterday was a day we spoke of highschool.

We were both in Drama Club, and had the same aquaintences. She also was in my favorite teacher’s class, Kristen Worthington’s Creative Writing.

Kat has always been a girl who didn’t care to fit in, and she has had plenty of friends come and go, as I have.

But it wasn’t until yesterday, that I realized how alike we really were, and are. We each had similar horrible highschool experiences, but in different perspective.

Kat was the singer, and the songwriter. She used to sing through hallways, and during lunch sometimes. I was the writer, and actress. I would start a paragraph, and sometimes hand it to her to add to it.

After everything went down that year, both of us seemed to have left our most treasured talents sitting next to the gate to the highschool.

Yesterday, and 10 yrs later, Kat shares a song she wrote with me. She doesn’t know it, but it almost made me cry.
I could feel the pain that went through her heart when she first began to sing. But I couldn’t help but smile, as she pushed through and sang her heart out.

Even though it was just in front of me, I think she conquered something yesterday. She took back her talent. It was as if it heard her call out, and journeyed from the gate of the highschool, to the gate of heaven, and back into her hands.

She has given me permission to share the song with you as soon as she writes it out.

The one thing I have learned over the years, especially after highschool.
If you let people break you down, and make you lose passion for things…it will happen.

I’m not the writer that I used to be in highschool, and perhaps early college. Though the writing wasn’t always the most positive…they were written from the deepest part of me.
They were writing that my friend Kit would have wallpapered a room with.

They were real.

My writing is now more faith-based, and logical.
I am 28yrs old, so perhaps it should be.
I love God with all my heart, but sometimes I feel as though I share my the word, but not of heart. I’m more cautious of what I write, and who it is influencing.

God knew me from the beginning, He gave me the gift, I sometimes wonder if…I haven’t given my all, maybe focusing on the inspirational is fine, but life isnt’ always fine, life is real, it has its hurts and hangups.

I will tell you the inspiration for me to write any of this story, came down from some questions I was asked by another blog friend, Cady Mcclain.

I won’t share them here on this post, but I want you to know they were very profound, and made me take root into my soul, and see what was really there.

We are all on a journey…mine continues next post.

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