LSOF: How to stick out like a sore thumb

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I sort of chuckle as I begin this post, because the title is something most of us would not choose to be.
Let me explain:)

I was reading through one of my old journals yesterday. It was from 2004, I believe.

This is what I had written,
” To stick out like a sore thumb is the only true way to make a difference in this world.”

I encouraged myself.

Personally, I understand this concept very well. I have always been the misfit.

I learned how to crawl on my back as a baby, before I learned how to crawl the right way. And I am told I was a fast one:)
I guess from the beginning of my life, I just learned how to see the world from a different perspective.
I learned early, to see it from MY point of view.

People could tell me the sky was blue, and I would be certain to say,
” No, its actually an aqua color from where we stand, but its only because its the sun reflecting off the ocean, otherwise it would just have black as a color just as if you were standing on the moon.”

To make this short and sweet, I define and analyse EVERYTHING around me.

I was also VERY observant, and I actually remember in 2nd grade; one of the students was running back in forth in the classroom, and my teacher yelled at him to sit down…just as the principal walked in the room. After he left I asked my teacher, ” Why is your face so red?”
It was obvious she was embaressed, but I was too young to realize that it wasn’t a good question to ask.

Yep, I’ve always been a sore thumb. I ask the questions others won’t and I think of things, most people wouldn’t spend so much time thinking on.

On my journal pages, I title them. In my bible, I label who taught me what verse, and when.

My wall has ” My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” written in pencil. ( Don’t tell my mom LOL)
However, the wall in my senior english class had, ” Life is a tale told by an idiot.” -Shakepeare.

I write on anything I can find. I used to write on styrophone cups, gum wrappers, and sometimes the bottom of my shoe if I had a good writing idea…I wrote a whole devotional once on the church bulletin…that was interesting to rewrite it from.

But I’ve been the oddball in times where I was the only RIGHT one.

In a dance recital, I was the only star pointing the right way,
and in my junior math class; I was the ONLY one to get the critical thinking skill correct, even though it took me 40 min to do, AND I did it an entire different way then the teacher had.

I will often tell people aloud though, ” its a journey to be me.”
because it is the truth.
I wake up with my anxieties, and my concerns…but go about my day, I try to sing them away, or write a verse over and over in my mind that would coincide with it.

My math teacher today tried to explain to a student,
” Angie is over here with this, and you are over here;
basically, she gets how to do substitution, but not math.”

I take the hard way, instead of the easy way.

I drink a can of coke by facing my back of my palm to me, and grabbing onto it.

I like to lay down and look at the ceiling, and picture things inside the lines, like constellations.

I dig 70’s music. My parents took me to see Fleetwood Mac my junior year for my birthday.
And when I turned 21; I was taken to Pleasure Island, where the first club I went into was disco.

I like to write random things in clouds on a piece of paper.

All these things are actually pretty random…but I have a point:)

In all these things, I was definitely different, but I was ME. I didn’t change who I was, because someone ever mentioned any of these things were strange. It was just apart of ME.

I think of the civil rights stuff, and politics…

Not everyone has it right, but not everyone has it wrong.

It just depends on the perspective you look from.

Everyone is a sore thumb in someway.
But not everyone is willing to admit it.

“Don’t let your character change color with your environment. Find out who you are and let it stay it’s true color.” -Rachel Scott

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