LSOF: Beauty can be found…in the simplest places



My friend Cady has shared such wonderful thoughts with me on beauty, and this is the piece of art that she was inspired to make through our thoughts on faith and beauty; and I’m also mentioned too..but that’s not a big deal:)

Cady is a wonderful person, and I love that she sees life in a similar way I do:)
You just never know who God will place in your life:)



Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “LSOF: Beauty can be found…in the simplest places

  1. Yes, Angie. Beauty can indeed “be found in the simplest places.”

    I have often come by to visit you here – and to read your inspirational words, although I have never before left a comment.
    However, I think it’s time to change all that. So hello, Angela! Inspiration is a glorious thing. It’s interesting that you and I both published our last posts (and my one video) to reflect upon the beauty that is often overlooked, but always present, within this world. Although my posts are often political, my latest is entitled – “I Hope You Dance” – and it was written solely for the very reasons you stated above. There is beauty all around us – but only if we choose to see it.

    Clearly, we are either kindred spirits – or related 🙂
    Blessings to you ~


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