LSOF: Speaking of His Glory

Habakkuk 3:2
“ Lord, I have heard of your fame,
I stand in awe of your deeds, O Lord…”

I am BELIEVING GOD for this post right now, for the direction of it. I believe HIM to help me be secure with the flow of the writing, and that the Holy Spirit would
take my heart, the words I want to say, and bring them to heaven and back to earth to be translated so that every seeking heart here would read this and understand.
More of you, and less of me, O Lord.

First, I want to say that our Lord, He is Holy, He is blameless, and He deserves nothing but the very best from the life we’ve been breathed into.
And I will admit, there have been days where I personally, have not “ felt” like really
giving my best.

These last few months….I have seen Him standing in front of me on my own road to Damascus. He has been silent, but He has been SO faithful. Its as if all I really had to do, was see what He took me from, and look into His eyes, and KNOW that He had a better plan in place for me. That He called me out of the pit, to serve Him on the surface.

I think we often get to comfortable in our own pits.
I think we see how things are around us, and think, “ I just have to get used to the way things are, and I’ll be fine.”

I can tell you, you will never be “ fine” , just more miserable with each day that passes by.

What we have to learn to do more and more, is to think back to the timeline of the Old Testament to New Testament.

We need to remember how things “ happened” and see what were the “ results”

Because our lives very much follow the same sort of pattern.

Paradise won, and paradise lost, but paradise won.

I can think back to the Living Proof Live Conference with Beth Moore last year.
And even though, I still fell away for a good 6 months after; I did HEAR what God was
trying to tell me through her.

There is a pretty famous book out there called, “ The Prayer of Jabez” and it is based off
1 Chronicals 4:10,
“ Oh that you would bless me and enlarge my territory, Let your hand be with me,
and keep me from harm, so that I will be free from pain.”
What makes this word so PROFOUND is the way the God used it.

I was driving to the conference, and listening to the audiobook of “ Believing God”,
and it was saying how that

The prayer of Jabez is a great verse, but

“ Did you ever think, that maybe God wants to enlarge the territories you’re already in?”

I was at the conference, and out of nowhere, I am sitting there, and Beth Moore looks out towards me in the audience(8 rows away, but not close enough to see me I am thinkin’)
and she said the SAME exact word to me; and thinking back to it, without the emotion…

I get it.

When I came back to the area, at first it was really hard. I had just started a new job, and I had to just basically get the bearings around me again. I was so out of place.

And in all honesty, I STILL feel that way. But more and more, God just tells my heart,
“ Angie, just TRUST me in this, I promise you I am HERE, and that there is SO much
more I want to show you, but you have to TRUST me for it to happen.”

Trust can be a rollercoaster, but it is an amazing ride.

I was actually watching “ Believing God” today with my friend Joanna. And when I heard the part of “ The Prayer Of Jabez” and heard the verse in Habakkuk 3:2…
I can read it and KNOW I have more than heard of HIS fame, but that
I have come to KNOW Him and experience HIS deeds from around me.

I want to relate this for a moment to the emails I have been exchanging with
Cady. I didn’t mention here before, but Cady used to be “ Dixie” on “ All My Children” and she is “ Rosanna “ on “ As the World Turns”.

I can honestly tell you, that I was a “ fan” of the show, and the character she played.
I would read her blog and get an “ idea” of who she was, by what I read, and what
I heard.

Then about a two months ago, once I moved back to the area; I remember seeing a request to have a link on her blog from whoever wanted to. I emailed her,
and said that I didn’t think she would be interested in having my blog, because
of my faith, but that if she wanted to, she could. I didn’t know if she had any
faith, and I am used to people not being very open to it.

I won’t go into details, for obvious reasons, but I will tell you that the art she made me,
that she was “ inspired” by my own faith to make; it was a result of “ believing” God.
Believing Him that He would show her what I was about.
I cried when I received the art in the mail yesterday, and just said aloud to God,
“ Lord, is this really for real? You did this Lord, You did ALL of it.”

He didn’t answer, but I think He felt He didn’t need to:)

“ I stand in awe of your deeds..”

I am deeply touched by Cady’s kindness.

It was my prayer answered that He would cross the lines that I couldn’t into people’s lives that I could never reach on my own.

I am in awe of Him for calling me out of the crowd to speak.
No matter who it is, or what position they might hold;
God is MORE powerful, and He wants people to KNOW
His love, and that He is genuine, and that there are people
out there that are the same way.
Christians get a bad rap for a reason, but God is more powerful
than the “ stereotype” we are given, and He can break through those walls!

The basis of apologetics is that we don’t compare ourselves with others, to defend what we believe, We let them compare, and we defend what we believe in silence from our heart.

We smile, and just pray for God to pour His love over them.

I don’t know what happen, but somewhere along the line, God made my heart
“ tender” to anyone I come in contact with.

I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that “ I’ve been there”, that I understand what its like to feel like the search can be discouraging.

I realized that Cady is an amazing person, and she is so much more than a character she could ever play,
but she is also an artist and writer, like myself, and she has a heart, that goes deep about love and beauty in this world that people forget to notice sometimes.
I wouldn’t have ever known this about her, if I just paid attention to
what I “ thought” or others “ thought” about her, or the little blog
postings I would read here and there.

I had to take the “ fame” out of my thought pattern all together.

Its really the same way we should look at God…

We have got to stop “ hearing” of God’s fame…and experience it for ourselves!
We have got to get in the Word, We have got to get on our knees, we have got to
GET REAL with Him on our own. Otherwise, it can never be a true real relationship,
just based on “ the one side” of everything. How fair is that?

Our God deserves to be KNOWN through our own hearts, through our veins, and into the nations…
He deserves to be MORE than just a story in a book…He deserves to be ACTIVE within us.

And HE will AMAZE you if you let Him be KNOWN to you…and let HIM be in control
of your life:)

Just trust Him my friend.

Seems like a lot, but SO worth it.

Take it from the poster child:)

Be Blessed:)


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