LSOF Poetry: I found you

I found you
By: Angie Sarich
A song for my God
I found you beneath the streetlight
Smiling at me
As I came near,
I hold on tight
to the memory,
Because it was the first time,
I really saw your face.
So warm, and full of amazing grace.
These tears do not know
the journey I’ve come from,
the times I’ve fallen short
But you saw me even then,
You stood over me
grasped on to my heart,
You were my moonlight.
And I can’t help,
but fall to my knees
I’m in awe of your love
Consumed by it all.
And I know you see my face
Sad, but not alone.
You’ve heard my every whisper
You’ve held me through this race.
I just wish
In all the times
I stood by your side
As you’ve stood by mine,
I’ve never known
Such a sweet love as this,
real and true.
My life’s most precious gift.
I found you.
even though I thought
it was a waste of time
You found me
When I wasn’t standing in your line
There we are beneath the streetlight
you holding me so close
A love I’ve never known
And this whole time
I’ve never seen
the way your eyes sparkle
and make me believe
this faith is just a beautiful

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