LSOF: Whatever it takes

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” My sheep hear my voice, I know them, and they follow Me.” ( John 10:27) HCSB

My dear friends, I have just had a major profound thing happen to me this morning.
It has caused me to break down in complete tears.
This was spoken to my heart today;

“You may hear my voice after the fact, not always before,
but you WILL hear my voice if you ASK for it.
You are being equipped to become something major for me,
but being afraid and discouraged, will not get you there.
And you and I are gonna do this, WHATEVER IT TAKES!”

The morning bible study I am doing is, ” Discerning the Voice Of God” by Priscilla Shirer, and
it is amazing. As a group we were all sitting around and the facilitator was talking about
being there for each other, and coming together and understanding each other, and encouraging one
another in their walk. And she said, ” Its whatever it takes, we are there all the way.”

THEN I was watching my ” Believing God” study today after, and at the very end Beth said almost exactly the same thing but in regards to US personally, ” We have to be strong and courageous, and our success will be oh how much of a grasp we have on God.”

But even if we don’t quite have it yet, even if we still fight those insecurities and little imperfections that hinder us…God is right there saying, ” You and I are gonna do this, whatever it takes!”

I hope this speaks to you as it did me today, the first day on learning how to hear the voice of God,
and it pretty much is shouted out to me:)

I love Him so:)

Be Blessed!!!


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