LSOF: What Moves me: Carrie Prejean’s Crown

I have a new category I am starting on the blog called, “ What moves me”, its about the things in this life I can’t help but “ speak” about. You may or may not agree with my beliefs , but they are my views.
With that said, as if the topic hasn’t been beaten hard enough into the sidewalk.

“ Miss USA Pageant.”

Before I even begin, I want to ask if anyone remembers that Carrie didn’t ultimately win the “big” crown.
It was Miss North Carolina.

Carrie worked her entire life to prepare for this pagent, and did anyone realize how she might feel knowing she got just, “ 2nd” place?

With the media and everything going on and on about her “ beliefs”, plain and simple; it wasn’t a question in my opinion that had real tacked. Perhaps, they could have asked something of the average questions:
“ What are some of your ideas on helping to cure world hunger?”
“ If you could be anyone living or dead who would it be?”
“ What would you do if you had a million dollars?”
“ What would you do if you only had a last few hours on earth?”

Giving her such a tough question like “ What is her stance on gay marriage?”, regardless of her beliefs, they should not have had to play out in the pagent.

“She said what 70% of Americans believe
She said what Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton have said…” -CNN Lou Dobbs

So why was she punished for it?

So I am just going to end this here saying, let the girl be, she shouldn’t be punished for speaking about what she believed, when she had no choice…
Always be true to what you stand for, regardless if the majority is with you.
Its not about them.
Kudos to you Carrie.

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