LSOF: Scripture Memory Verse #10!!!


This verse could not be more timely for me, and I have to add that God KNOWS when we are gonna need something for battle, and HIS word is the most major way to prepare!
Satan likes to mess with us, he likes to make us fear him…but we have NOTHING to fear!

I first heard this verse belted out by Kathi Tricoli at Women of Faith…but I never really knew it by heart or the location of it in the Bible.

Anyway, If you don’t memorize scripture…I encourage you to at least try to and write down and memorize this one…it WILL bless you, and protect you, and keep you:)

3 thoughts on “LSOF: Scripture Memory Verse #10!!!

  1. Great verse! I should add that to my notebook to memorize for next time! I’ve been doing the Siesta Scripture memory thing too. How’s it been going for you? I’ve posted a verse almost every time but still working on actually getting them down. Just wrote 2 of the verses on the whiteboard on the nursery door so I’m hoping seeing them all the time will help me absorb them faster!


  2. Wow. this verse is exactly what I needed to read today. Our son, is in crisis and we so need encouragment! Praise God for His faithfulness in every area of our lives.


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