LSOF: Something I found in the attic…

This letter I found while looking for some writing I have done in boxes up in the attic.
It was written by one of the two dearest people in my life, Kit.
It all started in 9th grade…a teacher who saw I had enthusiasm to learn, and a student that saw a teacher that had the enthusiam to teach.
But what she had to teach me didn’t end that year, didn’t end after highschool…and still I learn from her today…and she learns from me.
I am very blessed to have a chance to have such a very special person like her apart of my life.
There are angels among us for sure:)

My Dear Ang- It was a pleasure being able to do something for you—something that was deserved:-)— You are a GOOD person, You constantly evaluate where you are in life and where you want to be; you are conscious that your actions effect others and you always try to ensure that you will impact others positiveyly. You are an ” old soul” in a young body. Though you;ve been through a great deal, it has caused you to grow emotionally and intellectually, into the wise person you now are. My hope for you in that you always continue to look for what is good and honest and at the same time, keep allowing factors that might harm you far away as possible. I have great faith that you life will be rewarded due to your intristic goodness. Maybe I choose to call it karma, but what you put out into the world does come back tenfold. That is how I know that, whatever happens, you will survive and ultimately be happy.—Love, Kit

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