LSOF poetry: Marble Floor

Marble Floor
By: Angie Sarich

A solid knock,
A door opens,
A close resemblence of
A 70’s flower child
Stands in jeans and tank top,
Smiling on the welcome mat.
The screen door creaks as
The she is asked to
Come inside.
Her long silver earrings
Chime as she enters.
She walks inside,
Flip flops pop with her steps
Sheets of notebook paper
Crinkle from inside her bag.
She looks around at the white walls
Around her.
Abstract to well-known art,
Paint the room,
Giving it vitality,
As if she had walked into a new world.
She kneels down, and opens her bag.
More crinkling of paper,
As it is placed next to her.
Her folder and notebook
Are covered with favorite quotes,
And Bible verses.
Her hand-made purple glass cross with
a bead on each side ,hangs
From her neck.
Her friend comes and kneels in front of her,
She has carried over a black bag,
With organized folders and categorical
They both pull out a piece of their life,
and place it in front .
Hours go by as they sit
And speak their hearts.
No props.
No cheap fasads.
Just a ma rble floor,
And two friends
Who write poetry.

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