LSOF Poetry: Love(What is it?)

This is a poem I wrote in 9th grade that I found in my old poetry book today,
thought I would share:)

Love (What is it?)
By: Angie Sarich

If LOVE was sand,
Would it wash away?
If LOVE was the ocean,
Would it dry up one day?
If LOVE was a cloud,
Would it shatter with tears?
If LOVE was a person,
Would it have any fears?
If LOVE was the sun,
Would we let it burn?
If LOVE was knowledge,
Would we want to learn?
If LOVE was a wilting flower,
Would we watch it die?
If LOVE was a friend,
Would it be hard to say good bye?

4 thoughts on “LSOF Poetry: Love(What is it?)

  1. Wow! This is so sweet. Isn’t it nice to keep things that we’ve done before? We look back and it’s…it’s almost difficult to remember if we actually wrote it. 🙂 Anyway, this was beautiful.


  2. if Love was…i am glad that God is love, and we know that it is unconditional and limitless..

    you are very good at writing visuals with words..those are my favorites


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