LSOF Poetry:I Stand Still

I Stand Still
By: Angie Sarich

Sounds of rumbling
Echo from around me.
Shouts of anger, and terror..
Fire ignites like lightning..

Water flows over my feet,
From a broken water mane.
Cats screech from an alley..
Cries of babies come
From inside an apartment window..

The traffic on the street
Roar from the side of me..
I hear glass break from inside a nearby bar..
An emergency vehincle flies past…

Raising my chin
Toward the star-frosted sky,
I imagine peace…
I imagine suffering to become
a slight memory..

I watch as a star falls gracefully
as if it just wants a chance
to connect with my world..
And I hold my hand up
and pretend I’ve made it aquaintence..

I’ve stood still
A long time…

Maybe someday…
Someone might
get the

One thought on “LSOF Poetry:I Stand Still

  1. i love this..i can feel your heart in this, and i know i have thought these things before..wondering why don’t everyone just get it..then thinking why don’t i get it..

    this is well written and very thought provoking..i love it!!


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