Deeper Still Orlando 2009:)

I did say I would be writing a second post as it got closer:)

We are 37 days away from the conference:)

Now anyone want to take a minute and comment that they will be there?:)

Come on blog lurkers, if you are on my blogroll or are a siesta…ya should really let me know
that you’ll be there;)


One thought on “Deeper Still Orlando 2009:)

  1. Hi Angie! I landed on your site while googling for the Deeper Still conf this weekend, to see what it was all about. I’ve recently done my first Beth bible study (Esther) and it has been amazingly transforming in so many ways. I also did Priscilla’s He Speaks to me, and then noticed that they’d both be at this event. You are sooo lucky to be going. I wish they’d all venture across the atlantic ocean and come do some events in my beloved South Africa. I know you will have an amazing time this weekend and I look forward to a post all about it 🙂
    Much love in Christ,
    Michelle (Cape Town, South Africa)


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