Beth Moore, ” Spiritual Discernment” Deeper Still 9-19-09

Beth Moore
Spiritual Discernment
(Deeper Still notes)

John 14:15-26, John 16:7

The power is not only around us, but in us.

Agape- Love that is demonstrative, emotional love

1 Corinthians – Activate in the reality of experience.

Spiritual Discernment is for a time when you have been:
taken advantage of

2 Timothy 3:12-13

We always do before we know what to do

Ephesians 3:20

Two dimensions of spiritual revelation we desperately need to have:

1- In our human encounters
2- Can I trust what I am sensing?

Here are four question we can ask ourselves:

1. Am I critical or suspicious by nature?
2. Am I jealous or feel threatened by this person?
3. Do I have anything selfish to gain from the outcome?
4. Are my emotions clouding my discernment?

Phillipians 1:9-10

Learn to love others with knowledge and insight.

2 Timothy 3

Do not confuse living people without the discernment to back away from them.

2 Timothy 3:6

We gotta learn to go with our spiritual gut.
We can’t walk in the spirit without walking in intimacy.

Show me a Godly woman I’ll show you a woman who persued Godliness.

Did the spirit within me remain steadfast?

If not, here are 1-4 instructions

1. RUN
2. Take a step back
3. Ask questions in person, face to face!
4. Love with eyes wide open

Obadiah 1:3
” The pride in your heart has deceived you.”

Psalm 116
John 14

Divine revelation in Christ Himself

1 Corinthians 2
Hebrews 12:1-4

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