LSOF: What does your soul wait for?

Did you ever watch the television show, about the girl who could cross her arms and blink her eyes and could make miracles happen:) Most of the time, the things she made happen were not always appropriate for the situation.
She was a genie, imperfect, little naive, and most of the time was sent to the ” bottle” to think about what she did wrong.

A word to my heart today was, ” God does it right the first time.” and AMEN TO THAT!

I think we have become such a society of people that ” waits” to see if the other sources will pan out before God.
We wait to see if the boss says we will get the promotion, we wait to see if that teacher might give us a passing grade, we wait on that friend to call us to vent our issues, we wait for those ” biblical” conferences to hear a word from God, we wait for the perfect song to come on the radio…I could go on.

I have so many bible verses going through my brain right now, so bare with me…but here’s a thought.

What if instead of waiting on the world, we just went to God…where we don’t have to WAIT to talk to Him, where He will share words of wisdom to our heart and prepare us to realize whether or not we are READY for that promotion, or if the grade in that class is something that is worth stressing over, or maybe praying for that friend instead of waiting for them to be there for us, and maybe just maybe praying about a conference or a church message to not just affect you and give you a word, but other people…

We end up waiting so much, because God waits on us to go to Him. When we don’t He just kind of sits back and says,
” You know I wanted to bless them with this, but they only want a little bit it seems.”

God SO wants to give us all the blessing He has for us. The thing about it though is we have to work for that blessing in our own heart. We have to make that effort.

I had an amazing time praying the other day, for the first time I went through my cel phone and just started praying for people by name…it was an awesome experience.

I pictured God at a desk with His hands folded on the desk nodding at me as I told Him each prayer.

Thinking any issue is something you can handle on your own, or a friends issue…you are just setting yourself up to be disappointed. You can’t make miracles happen…no matter how much you stare at water, you can’t turn it into wine…SORRY!

We have to understand the character of God to understand how our prayers might be answered. We’ll never know exactly how He will answer our prayers, but He does give us an idea.

Have you ever been sitting quietly, and out of the blue you either start hearing in your heart half of a song lyric, or bible verse…and you try to think where its from and when you heard it?

That is God talking to you. And you will know it, because it will be confirmed more than once.

This is what was spoken to me yesterday during prayer. I just have to add that I have done the Beth Moore ” Daniel” study, but its been forever, and its not a book I really get into often, so when I began hearing this part, ” He changes times and seasons” I was like, ” Hey, that is in Daniel…and where exactly in the Old testament is that again?” and as I was figuring this out and starting to go through it I heard, ” Daniel 2″ I turned to it, and there it was right in front of me.

I would have chalked it up to coincidence, because that is my human tendency, but as soon as I used the words,
” I believe God for this.” POP-UP! Joyce Meyer started to talk on Daniel 6.

Am I quite sure exactly what God is saying right now, no I’m not, but I have an idea that He is trying to bring wisdom, so I can begin to understand what He means.

He’s a great God. He isn’t as secretive as we think. He just shares things with us in His time.
Take a look and read this verse…and my ending thought for you…

Don’t try to make miracles happen…whatever that means to you, just don’t. Let HIM.

Daniel 2:21-23

“He changes times and seasons;
he sets up kings and deposes them.
He gives wisdom to the wise
and knowledge to the discerning.

He reveals deep and hidden things;
he knows what lies in darkness,
and light dwells with him.

I thank and praise you, O God of my fathers:
You have given me wisdom and power,
you have made known to me what we asked of you,
you have made known to us the dream of the king.”

4 thoughts on “LSOF: What does your soul wait for?

  1. Wow, Angie. I needed this today. I need to find my rest in Him only…because I sure am tired! We are in a season of waiting to hear His direction for our lives, on what He has in store for our family. Thank you for this reminder to sit still and listen. The song is beautiful…hadn’t heard it in quite a while. Thanks, girl.


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