LSOF: Creating our own prisons


In the beginning of Ephesians, we see that Paul is writing his letter while in prison. It is also the book that is known as,
” The Prison Doxology”, and with good reason if you read on through.
My purpose today though, isn’t to share about the letter he was writing, and the lessons that were taught…
while all so vitally important, I think the focus should be that he was writing from a single candle light, if any,
he could hear the screaming of the prisoners from all around him. He may have been without food or water for days…
we don’t know what his conditions were at that time,
our focus shouldn’t be the prison, but how he pushed his mind through to a deeper place,
that he could possible close his eyes and picture his meeting with Jesus on the road.
That even though he was in an unfamiliar place, he still had a very FAMILIAR God close to his side.
And God knew every moment what would happen next in every little breath.
I think Paul knew that being in the prison was just another test of his faith, and the test wasn’t how long he could keep
his sanity, I think it was how long it would it take to remember Jesus each morning he awoke from his situation.

I think we can all very much relate to this.

Have you ever had something happen to you in your life, that truly left scars on the inside?
Something that even though you’ve had years of counseling, and praying to be set free from…you still
remember every now and then?
Perhaps it was a person; a relative, a friend, a boss, or a teacher in your past that perhaps hurt you in some way,
or maybe it was a loss of something or someone…whatever it is, whatever you did or didn’t do, or they did, or didn’t do…
The prison bars are up.

I believe I finally allowed myself to be set free from something recently that has bothered me for almost 15 years or so,
it was something that deep down inside me hurt to even think about at times. It literally has kept me from being close to people that love me. I have always loved people from a distance.

Without sharing that situation I will tell you that in a simple email, I was able to see straight to my face that this was something that had no reason to be holding me back.

I want to say that we can’t allow a few things that happen in our lives to define how the rest of our life will be like,
because in a way, aren’t we trying to play God? Aren’t we throwing ourselves to the darkness?

I have decided that I am going to be more vocal when it comes to helping people find the best of themselves, because concentrating on the things that have been God given gifts…that is what defines us, the beauty we can help God create into the world.

Living here in Savannah, it hasn’t been an easy start.

I almost did the Thanksgiving thing by myself, I planned on my friend going to her dad’s and I would make myself some
chicken fahitas.

I ended up going with my friend Nicole to her dad’s house.

She lost her mom last year, and she was the one telling me to my face today,
” Angie, at least you came to Savannah knowing someone, you could have moved somewhere where you didn’t know anyone,
and you need to just appreciate that.”

It’s the truth, I moved here and the enemy gave my mind a good materialistic view on what I didn’t have here,
my family for example, but I completey didn’t realize the things I did have here.

I hope if you are reading this that you look around you today…and appreciate the little things that are right in front of you.

Be thankful for them. Because YOU HAVE THEM:)

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