LSOF: Good-bye 2009

Well, I am sure we are all sitting and thinking about this year. We are thinking about the things we accomplished, or didn’t accomplish. We are thinking of the people we met, or those who disappeared from our lives. We are thinking of ways that we wished somethings were different for us, and we are thinking that we wished somethings just stayed the same…

Either way, we say good-bye tonight to 2009.

How did this year go for you?

For me, I did a lot of searching for who I was inside, and more so just for a depth of faith.
God became something so much more real and personal to my heart this year.
He showed me that if I could just continue to believe Him in little bits each day,
then He would do a world of difference in my life.

And He did.

The beginning of this year was rough.
A lot of things happened that brought me to my knees plenty.
But a lot of good things happened too:)

1. I found a better job

2. A piece of art was made by Cady McClain, and she said inspired by my faith- It was one of the most amazing and treasured moments of this year for me:) It’s amazing how God places people into your world:) I am so thankful for her kindness and being a good friend to me through a lot:)

3. I got back involved with my church, and got to know them all on a deeper level then in years past.

4. I passed the hardest classes of my life in college:)

5. My mom had a really long and drawn out surgery. It was the roughest of them all. We almost lost her.
It was hard to have faith in God through it. But He helped me to hang on. He helped all of us to hang on.
She is doing better now.

6. I went to Deeper Still:) I got to hear great words of wisdom, and see and meet wonderful people I haven’t in forever,
AND I got to meet Beth Moore:) She is an adorable person:) I am greatful within the crowd we were able to have a few moments of conversation:)

7. It’s interesting how in someways the end of 2009 is like full circle from the beginning.
I still have the same job, but I transfered to another state.
The people I got to know at the beginning of this year I do know a lot better,
and the connection is insane, but so cool:)
I am going to begin 2010 as a complete year of living in Savannah:)
It’s been rough, but I am where I am supposed to be:)

I hope you have a wonderful New Year…God is in control:) Trust and Believe:)


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