LSOF: The Perplexity of Perspective


Hello my dear friend. Whoever you are out there in blogland:) Happy 2010 to you:)

I wonder if you’ve made your ” New Year’s Resolution” as of yet.

If you haven’t, if there are just somethings that you can’t get yourself to give up from a materialistic point of view,
but perhaps you do have something to give up that might be a little easier…

The way you have lived your life to 2010; the perspective you have had on your life, as well as yourself.

What do you think of how your life is right now, and how do you think of yourself?

Well, as you ponder those questions, I felt I would share a little bit about something God spoke to my heart today.

The message at church was , ” Baby steps, to Big Steps”, and I can tell you it was probably the most profound message I’ve heard in a long time.

It was a message for me.

If you are here for the first time to Little Steps Of Faith, I want to tell you that the name of the blog is how I’ve gone through my life, and my faith in God. One step at a time, one day at a time.
But the message God gave to my heart this morning was,
” I need you to stop being so careful with those little steps of yours, I need you to take more risks in trusting me, I need you to take bigger steps now.”

Why this spoke to me so much is, because I have been fighting with my old life in FL, and my new life in Savannah, GA.
I am fighting with myself, and I think I am just going to say that with a huge PERIOD.

There isn’t one part of my life there that I wasn’t fighting with myself to remain the same here. I had to understand that God moved me here so things would be different for me, so I would get out of the comfort zone.
I wasn’t growing where I was. I may have had a lot of people around that loved me, and I do miss them, but for whatever reason God brought me to Savannah not to just ” move me”, but to do bigger things in my life, and around me.

I started going to a church here, that has the same number of people my church in FL started with 12 years ago, and that is just one example, I feel like so much that God is showing me visions in front of my face of my past in so many situations and people.

I keep hearing myself say, ” I have been there…I remember that…This is just like that…”

So I am going to ask the question one more time now;
What do you think of your life now, and what do you think of yourself?

I’ll answer on my side here.

I think my life now could be described with ” possibilities” and the same verse that stalked me from my home in FL, to a Deeper Still conference, and to the ending verse at church I attend now.

” Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.”

God can do more than we could ever ask or imagine, my life is a testimony to that. I never planned on leaving FL, and I never planned on living here in Savannah and having the things happened the way they have, the good and the bad.
But I do know this; I’d rather have God handle every part of my life then ever think I could plan it for myself.
We have the power to destroy ourselves, before God can ever use us. I have done enough destroying of myself.

I may not be great at a lot of things, but I have the capability to do what I can. Its about effort in this world,
and you can’t pay attention to who thinks what about you or your life…its not about them.

We have a amazing God up there in heaven who loves us, and is there for us at every moment of our lives.

So this year, I want you to focus on the two questions I asked a few times before…and ask them to yourself everyday.
And add God into the mix of it. God knows we are not perfect, the Word says, ” When perfection comes the imperfect disappears.” SO right there is telling us that imperfection is just something we have to face, we can’t fight it, but we can do what is possible to do things a little differently then we’ve always done them just by changing the perspective.

It’s not easy to get yourself out of the rut you’ve been in right away, it takes time.
But we all have amazing things to offer to this world, whether it be doing something for someone, or
saying something to someone.

I encourage you if you don’t blog yet, to start a blog. It will change your life.
Because what happens is you see who you are showing the world you are on your blog.
People will know your heart, because it is right there in front of them on the screen.

I have no problem telling you that I struggle everyday to stay positive and happy, because in reality things are not that way, we have daily demands and all kinds of things to deal with everyday, it takes work to keep yourself happy, and so that’s a great reason to spend time with God, and get to know who you are in His eyes. Let Him speak to your heart and tell you that you’re special. That you have something to give to this world. We all have something. We were created because we have something to give out into the world

We have love. We carry that within us. We carry it and sometimes forget it. But its the greatest gift, and the most
worth giving.

So this year, don’t focus on anything more than to ” Just believe” that you are someone who is valuable to God, and to others. Of course there will be people out there who try to say otherwise, but they just don’t know how much they need people who have the desire in them to love, to be givers.

They will come around. Change how you see those people.

At the end of the day, and at the end of it all…

Who you were to the world in your heart will be the only thing that matters anyway.


2 thoughts on “LSOF: The Perplexity of Perspective

  1. Hey Sweet Girl…

    We have another thing in common… I was born and raised in Florida and never ever expected to leave there…that is just how my family was and is..
    But God had other plans and a little over 5 years ago he moved our family to Illinois. I have learned more in the last five years than I think I have ever.

    Keep seeking Him…

    Blessings, Kim


  2. Oh Ang, you’re going to laugh when you read what I just posted. I still hadn’t gotten a chance to read this post, but was inspired by a few other people to write a blog about my resolution. After talking with you and now reading this post, I have to laugh. I suppose our posts were divinely inspired!


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