LSOF: Finding value in who we are, where we stand right now


I remember when I worked at a pawn shop a few years ago. Besides giving people money, we would also sell the products that were either sold to us(people who couldn’t afford to pay off their debt), or purchased brand new to sell.
One of the key items were ” diamonds”
Jewelers would come into our shop with their loupes in hand, and they would examine every diamond we had in our cases.
When they saw one that didn’t look ” clear” enough, they would tell me to put it back in the case and they would continue on their search for their ” perfect” diamond.

What was always so interesting to me is how much value we place on clear diamonds, when the pieces we see that are inside a diamond are natural and beautiful in their own way. The black specs that are found inside the diamond, were created deep inside the earth. Yet, somehow people are only interested in ” flawless” diamonds.

It’s a little concerning though if you think about it, because we have been taught as a society that ” flawless” is better, in so many aspects. Its something that as plastic surgery, and botox has emerged that we should really be concerned at what our children are seeing.

” There is a pretty girl on the face of the magazine, and all I see is my dirty hands turning the page.” -Jewel

We have to learn to look beyond what can be seen on the outside of things, and look deeper.

Sometimes if you look close enough, the diamond can have other stones like; garnet, peridot, and ruby inside them.
And if you just look at a diamond and assume its just black carbon…you might miss out on something more beautiful anyway.

It’s the way we really need to start seeing ourselves, we can learn a lot if we picture ourselves as diamonds created deep within the earth, and naturally beautiful.

We need to stop letting our situations and our past define who we say we are.

In the book of Ruth, there is a woman named Naomi, who actually says allowed, ” Dont’ call me Naomi, call me Mara”
Mara means ” Bitter”. Right then and there she decided she would call herself a pretty negative name.
And it was all, because she was bitter of the things she had suffered in her life.

How different are we from Naomi? How many times have we said something even as simple to ourselves
as ” stupid”, or ” I am so dumb”, or ” I am never going to be like that,” or ” I’m not that smart…” or something
more extreme as, ” my life sucks”, or ” I am so depressed.”

My mentor told me once, ” Unless you tell yourself that you are something…it won’t be true.”

So let’s stop with the negativity already, let’s take ourselves as we are, and maybe start with are actual names.

My name is Angela, and in the greek it means, ” Messenger from God”. I know I am not an angel by any sense of the word,
but I do know that I have purpose in my life, and that it is bigger than I am. WE ALL HAVE THAT!
I am told my name was supposed to be ” Marisa”, but I don’t believe it was an accident. No matter what
people call you…the truth of who you are does exist in the name you were given.

I was talking to a friend the other night and I learned that in some cultures the name you are given is something that is prophesized over your life, because its who you were meant to be.

So the name you were given…does your life represent that?

Take a look at the book of Matthew 16:13-17

In the scene Jesus is asking the question, ” Who do you say I am?”
The disciples answer with answers ” John the Baptist, Elijah, Jeremiah…etc.”

Jesus then looks over at Peter, and asks him the question directly, ” Who do you say that I am?”
and Peter replies without hesitation, ” You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”

Peter knew who Jesus really was, not just because of signs and miracles, but because in His heart He saw this
man was so different.

Jesus goes on to say in verse 18, And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

Peter actually comes from the greek word, ” Petras” and it means, ” the rock”
So Jesus wasn’t not only telling Peter what He had planned for his life, but He put emphasis on Peter’s name.

So today I ask that you might take a look where you are standing, and look around you….what sort of life are you living?
Are you happy with who you are, and if you are not…WHY?

If you don’t believe you are living a life you were meant to live, and that you are the person you are meant to be…
then look at your own name…

From there you will find that our life purpose is known to us, and also that beauty can be found in our imperfections.

You are perfect being who you are.

3 thoughts on “LSOF: Finding value in who we are, where we stand right now

  1. After reading this, I looked up my own name meaning. I had no idea my name means variations of “Joy of the Father”. Very interesting post. Thanks!


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