LSOF: Blog post number 501!


It occured to me this morning as I took a glance at my number of posts…and um, I reached #500 yesterday!
I would say its either a very exciting accomplishment, or I just write too much:)

Anyhow, I decided to tune down the appearance a little bit. I am in the process of reinventing somethings in life right now,
and it just helps where everythingelse is ” a clean slate”.

First things first…I DID get a job yesterday:)
It is such a relief to finally be employed again:)

This weekend I am planning for a great time. I am driving to the otherside of Georgia to meet up with some very special ladies at ” So Long, Insecurity” conference with Beth Moore.

I have met a few of these gals before, but this is the big deal of the year:)
So many of them coming, I have known who they were in blogworld since 2006, but never met them face to face!

So I am beyond excited!- It will be such a time to remember:)

I am then going to take a mini trip to Nashville to see some other sweet people and experience that beautiful place for
a little bit.

We should all take little trips like these sometimes, just get away and take it in:) This one has been planned since October, and I KNOW it is going to be a blast!

Anyway, so this is what I spent my time talking about on my #501 post…I’m sorry:)

Fran, Jenny, Teri, Beckyjo, Abby, Lindsee, Kate, Tammy, Angela, Nikki, Lisa, Janice, Jan, Steph, Kim, Robyn, Pam and etc LOL,…I’ll see you soon!

And thanks to Amanda Jones, and Beth Moore for creating LPM blog, because of it, there are lasting friendships that
never would have happened had it not been for the blog:)

Oh, and THANKS for making ” So Long, Insecurity” too Beth!- It’s been a life-changing book and I am praying like crazy that lives are changed!


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